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  1. Congratulations VA PEs! I failed. Tis all. Not sure I can bare to study for this again.
  2. My phone buzzes every time I get an email. I cannot remember the last time I've gotten so many random emails about NOTHING!!! C'mon NCEES, send the email!!!! (I think I'm losing it!)
  3. Not fair CNATA! You've been a PE for 5 minutes and you're already jumping in on the jokes... You've earned it! I can't wait to join in!....still waiting on this end.
  4. Okay VA, c'mon!!!! I expect VA to stroll right in behind MD. Let's go!
  5. Don't worry Mustang, just get back on that horse (no pun intended) again in April. You can do it!
  6. This form was not a requirement when I registered for the PE in VA. VA simply asked for a copy of the license, which was sent directly from MD's DLLR. Honestly, my EIT can stay where it is, I don't think it is a big deal. I will be getting reciprocity for my PE, though.
  7. That could be a good sign! Let me check mine too. EIT in MD, hoping for a PE in VA.
  8. I am so non-productive right now!
  9. If you follow the exams link and pick VA and then PE then results- you will see what VA said- yes NCEES releases them- so why are we still waiting? The VA Board has to validate the scoring before giving NCEES permission to release the scores.
  10. In April, I could see on the meeting schedule, when that validation meeting was going to occur so that pretty much told us when results were coming in. This time, they no longer show the Board meeting agendas online so I have no clue when that validation meeting is going to take place.
  11. Nothing yet! I'm waiting anxiously with you guys.
  12. Congratulations to all of the new PEs!!!!! ...still waiting on VA.
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