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  1. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    Same! I did a lot of PCS bashing, but they were surprisingly efficient!
  2. Hopeful_PE

    Maryland PE

    Agreed - Thank God! Did not want to study again!
  3. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    MD is in! Passed! Mech - Thermal-Fluids
  4. Hopeful_PE

    Maryland PE

    SAME!! Congrats!
  5. Maybe if some of the organizations would have had their Raisin Bran this morning, we would be seeing more movement in scores being released.
  6. Has there been any movement today?
  7. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    As pathetic as this is, this is the distribution of results for MD for the last 5 exams. They have one time released as early as day 3 (which would be today): Oct '11 Day 8 Apr '12 Day 3 Oct '12 Day 6 Apr '13 Day 15 Oct '13 Day 14 Apr '14 TBD Trend is not in our favor, but its been done before. You never know.. staying hopeful.
  8. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    I emailed them yesterday. They said Thursday or Friday.
  9. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    Matching confirmations from the Maryland board and PCS - we will know by the end of the week!
  10. \MD PCS emailed me back and said that they hope to have the boards release the scores tomorrow or Friday.
  11. Does this mean that we have to go thru memorial weekend not knowing the results?!! lol - assuming you're referring to memorial day 2014, not 2015? Then yes. Sorry - the wait brings out the sarcasm in me.
  12. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    I emailed the MD board. Whether or not this is accurate or just a frustrated response because they are sick of hearing the question - they stated that we should expect the results to be released at the next board meeting .... on June 12th ...
  13. A state that uses PCS to administer the exam. You would have made a payment to PCS to register for the exam if you live in one of those states.
  14. Hopeful_PE

    PCS States

    Which state are you in? Looks like PA just released results, even though PCS told you 2-3 weeks.
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