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  1. I received mine on 6/6
  2. Mr. Cox says the licenses numbers were mailed on 6/3.
  3. I haven't received my KY license number either. If anyone finds out when we should receive them, please post.
  4. I've been there. Don't give up. You've obviously put in alot of time, don't quit now. When I finally passed I focused on being more organized and condensing my study material. Stay positive.
  5. DandyDon

    If you Failed!

    I also think you shouldn't spend much time studying from the CERM. I had four books of example problems and only used the CERM as a reference. All I can say is, work as many example problems as you can. Refer to the test outline that the NCEES gives you and make sure you've done examples pertaining to each topic. I took the PE 3 times before passing and the third time I brought less reference material with me and but the stuff I did take it was organized and tabbed.
  6. Once you've passed, then what? Do you need to contact the Kentucky board or do they send you a certificate in the mail?
  7. PE Civil Geotechnical Result: Pass Next steps Location: Kentucky Exposition Center Date Taken: April, 2014 I passed!
  8. I wish I had a bottle of bourbon at my desk. Pass or fail I would be covered
  9. Does anyone else's Dashboard have a "register now" button beside of MyExams now?
  10. I can't even eat lunch right now my stomach is in knots
  11. you can't stamp a double stamp Lloyd
  12. The searchable roster of PEs and LSs isn't loading now on the Kentucky(kyboels) site. Could they be updating the list?
  13. The morning Civil PE exam I thought was relatively easy. I only doubted my answers on 4 questions. The afternoon Geotechnical exam was difficult for me. There were more conceptual questions than I had anticipated.
  14. DandyDon

    Passing Score

    Sorry I should've clarified myself, of all failing examinees I've talked to,, no one scored a 53 and above and failed.
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