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  1. It won't. The Mrs extorted a booking for tonight show. This Star Wars mania must stop. I am fed up seeing little kids dressed in freakish dresses in the mall, chipotle and playing with stupid kind of swords.
  2. The veggie lo mein from the Chinese take-out wasn't warm enough. I didn't get value for my money and that is making me mad as hell.
  3. Congrats. Enjoy the P.E. License.
  4. He didn't close the thread. It was some other Admin who did. Are you still hung over Matt ?
  5. Where can we talk more about Matt and Mike's trip to the titty bar ?
  6. Yeah , if I know right, Matt is going to a booby bar tonight in NJ and Mike is buying him a lot of booby dances
  7. The sun is too bright, even in winter, I have to wear sunglasses while driving to work.
  8. I donated when I attempted P.E. the first time. This forum has been a treasure trove of information for me. So thanks RG.
  9. Ken and Matt for administrators !! It will be awesome fun (hopefully I don't get banned).
  10. Fox, I apologize for reporting the post. It happened by mistake. 

  11. I have to drive my car for a long 5 mins to get water for the wife.
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