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  1. PA issuing License numbers today!

    PA has already started to issue license numbers, mine is already on the webpage https://www.pals.pa.gov
  2. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    I did a couple hours over the weekend for the breadth section, I'm not able to do the live webinar with my kids being around and my wife works every Saturday so it would be hard to pay attention. I am doing the geotechnical depth as well. I'm not sure what you have for problems to work but if you would like to exchange problems, thoughts, or shoot question back and forth I'm all for it. I just want to pass this test and be done with it, I feel like it has consumed enough of my life already.. Here is my email address to exchange files unless you want to exchange on here, doesn't matter to me. eadifatta@icloud.com (I'm in Pittsburgh)
  3. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    Sheetu, I did. I got my binders in the mail over the weekend. I registered for the On-Demand classes and plan on sitting down tonight to watch a portion of my first class. Are you doing the Live classes?
  4. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    I'm planning on it.
  5. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    I read thru all the question and labeled them from A-D (easiest to hardest), D being the most work and I did all the conceptual questions first. I finished the morning and afternoon session about 10-15 min early.
  6. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    I did, and I scored decently on them. I'm now to the point where the problems I have I've seen them before and I'm afraid that if I try to use them again as a simulated exam I will remember what the answers are without really having to go thru the problem, if you understand what I am saying. I felt great after leaving the test and was a little shocked to see how poorly I did in the morning session. I've never been a great test taker and I think I psych myself out when I go in. I'm figuring I need to change something on my studying strategy and do more problems and more simulated tests. I did 2 simulated tests before 2 weeks out from the exam.
  7. For those discovering they didn't pass...

    Has anyone every taken the on-demand EET classes? I've taken the SoPE class and I know taking the live web class will be difficult to carve out weekends again (2 young kids) so I thinking the on-demand will allow me to do classes on my own time through the week and weekends. I looking at the geotech depth. I was hoping by taking the EET classes that I can get a different mix of problems to solve and study from, not sure what else I can do to pass this test. I have the classic case of anxiety ever time I sit down to take this test, which causes me to do stupid errors. I'm not sure if another class will help me or if I just need more problems to work so I can gain my confidence when I walk in there.
  8. Pennsylvania is out

    I think in previous years the only way PA had results released was on the PCS website and since they won't do that anymore we are just have to wait for NCEES to post. I don't think we will see anything until Jan, just m y thought.