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  1. I agree with this but he was easy to understand. I got a little annoyed with the "There you have it!" commentary but still thought it was a very thorough (actually too thorough review). My construction review material was thicker than any other course.
  2. PCS said I need to submit an exam application. I already have an approved exam application in MA. So I just did it again. It only took a good 6+ hours to pull it all together. Here's the kicker - PCS won't verify results in CT even though CT uses PCS and they could see my results on their end. (This should be tagged in that PCS sucks forum) We'll see what happens but I highly suspect it will still not be good enough for MA! Trying to stay positive. Can't hurt to try. I will be very annoyed if they drag me in for an interview. But I'll do it. Whatever it takes at this point. Yay Taxachusetts!
  3. https://www.pcshq.com/?page=Assembled%20PE%20Application%20012813.pdf Not only does the application take forever because it's in some ridiculous code that you need a law degree to understand, they require all sorts of separate references to be completed and mailed separately, and if you happen to be a repeat test taker you have to take time off and demonstrate you took a class and then reapply. so between the time you studied you then have to wait for the application to be processed and approved and then you have to study again. CT made it easy in comparison. Plus their testing site was far superior.
  4. I took the exam in CT because MA's application is horrific. Now that I passed, I want comity in MA and it looks like I still have to jump through their hurdles. The MA application says that I need a NCEES record. NCEES says I don't have a record until I'm a registered PE. My questions are: 1. Has anyone had to deal with MA and this already? Any advice? 2. Do I have to get my license in CT before I can do anything? I heard CT takes months to process and I was hoping to get the ball rolling in MA now. 3. What the heck is a NCEES record? Why can't passing be enough??
  5. emo4488

    PCS States

    CT results are up through NCEES (passed) but nothing is up on PCS yet!
  6. Passed! (Finally!) Civil/Transpo I thank School of PE!
  7. emo4488

    PCS States

    I emailed them yesterday. Despite the message that they would get back to me in 24-hours, I have heard nothing. Go for it can't hurt just don't expect any response.
  8. emo4488

    PCS States

    Yup sorry. It also said I was a guy... I'm not
  9. emo4488

    PCS States

    Is anyone else having problems with the times on this forum? For instance, Posted Today, 01:27 PM I called CT board and they said couple of days it should be released. It's not 1:00 PM Eastern time yet..... so I don't know if this was today or yesterday.
  10. School of PE has a really good Construction component. Teacher is really good. I did the on demand class and highly recommend it.
  11. emo4488

    PCS States

    It does make you wonder if these results are all being done by hand that there is a million places to go wrong with the scoring!!
  12. emo4488

    If you Failed!

    Dust yourself off and try again, try again. As a repeater I will say get back on that horse. Taking a year or two or three! off does absolutely no good!!! Your brain just get more cobwebs and staying up studying till 1 AM is impossible.
  13. I hate PCS more at the moment.
  14. emo4488

    PCS States

    I sent PCS asking then when they would be releasing the results. I couldn't just sit here hitting F5 all day again. Who wants to bet they say 8-10 weeks?!!!
  15. emo4488

    Passing Score

    My previous scores were a 62% and a converted score of 64. The year with the 64 it said 70 was needed to pass. The other year when a percentage was given there was no passing score provided. Fingers crossed for this year!
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