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  1. TWJ PE

    State License Roster / Lookup

    And is open book.
  2. TWJ PE


    Congrats to all the new Texas PEs!
  3. I took advantage of this offer in April 2016. Ordered my stamp from them on Friday morning when I received the email with my number (results were released on Thursday). Received my electronic stamps that afternoon and my physical stamp on Monday. Good stuff.
  4. TWJ PE

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    Nah, I'm electrical... so no need to have a copy of CERM.
  5. TWJ PE


    Short answer is they have a massive question pool.
  6. TWJ PE

    Where will you view your NCEES Exam Result?

    I actually had the day off when my results were released and I was glued to this site. We were planning on going out of town for the weekend and I needed to mow the grass before we left. It was a hell'uva time to have to leave the computer as I was watching state's release their results. Nevertheless, I rushed outside, power mowed, came back in, showered, got a cold one, and sat down. I was maybe in the chair for 15 minutes when someone posted the results were just posted on the TBPE site. I was so nervous I didn't know what to do. Went to the TBPE site, put my login credentials, and just sat there. Finally, I pushed entered and bam...passed! I jumped up, screamed, and then immediately posted on this site. Then I posted my already drafted post to sell all my study materials.
  7. TWJ PE

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Not even going to reach 5K by the time results are released.
  8. TWJ PE

    April 2018 Results

    Maybe next week... maybe.
  9. TWJ PE

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    Doubling down spam..... I'm taking the way under on 15K.
  10. TWJ PE

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    I'm going to take the under for this one.
  11. Sorry I didn't see this one earlier - no lockers, keep it in your car.
  12. TWJ PE

    April 2018 PE Exam

    You know as I sit here, on what is typically my day off, at work working a scheduled outage and on 7-12's I realize how lucky I am that I'm not sitting in a testing room taking the PE and the test being overseen by a huge dick (ala Houston site). But, hey... if you're taking it.... good luck and cheers!
  13. TWJ PE

    April 2018 PE Exam

    Share, share!!! It never gets old!!
  14. TWJ PE

    April 2018 PE Exam

    School of PE notes I thought were pretty good. That and Graffeo were my go to (you can search and see all my references). Obviously, NEC, NESC, and 70E are a must too.