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  1. TWJ PE

    Texas Results

    Don't forget to get your stamps ordered! Per Section 133.97 you have 60 days obtain your seal and submit it along with your photograph on the form to TBPE for approval.
  2. Engineering Boards is actually lucky enough to have a poster who usually posts several of the cut off scores - so no calculating is needed. This poster is extremely credible so no worries there.
  3. That's correct - if your score doesn't say at least a 70 you will not pass (see §133.73(b) of the Act). How they come up with that number is the real question.
  4. TWJ PE

    Texas Results

    Congrats to all the Texas takers who passed and are now PEs or soon to be!
  5. Aye... Texas does - but you have to properly mark it on your renewal or you're subject to an audit.
  6. TWJ PE


    By all means... smoke'em if you got'em. I wouldn't; but, if that's how you want to spend your money - good luck. Hope you make the record books... someone has to be the first!
  7. TWJ PE


    I doubt the stats have changed but on the NCEES site (I think in the handbook) it says a manual grade has never changed a score. Basically you're just giving away money.
  8. TWJ PE


    How they get the number they give you is the magical question...
  9. CTS blows... and so does Illinois.
  10. For Texas, if your score does not say 70 or greater you will not pass. See: §133.73 Examination Results and Analysis.
  11. TWJ PE


    For Texas, if your score does not say 70 or greater you will not pass. See: §133.73 Examination Results and Analysis.
  12. My guess is it isn't in the system yet - can you see your score/result on the TBPE site? I'm guessing you probably can't see that yet and when that dump occurs the rest will take place as well. If they do this on Tuesday, I'll say you'll have your e-mail around 5am on Wednesday. Then, update away and order your stamp! Don't forget to submit your stamp/picture via the form they provide. I recommend submitting via the e-mail address they provide (will obviously process much much faster than snail mail). You're almost there!
  13. You'll get an e-mail once the system is updated (typically around 5am) with your license number, etc. At that point, you'll be in ECHO. You'll also get the same content in the e-mail in a letter via snail mail. Edit: should add, this is assuming you've completed all the other requirements (SERs completed, ethics exam completed, etc.)
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