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  1. Failed again - 3rd try, now what?

    That takes skill.
  2. I have not. I took my exam in Houston at NRG.
  3. The Juice is loose!

    What's the line for over/under for when he gets in trouble again? 6 months?
  4. Post your diagnostic report. What's your discipline?
  5. Trouble to pass FE electrical Exam

    Post a copy of your diagnostic report.
  6. TBPE mailing address?

    I thought it told you on the instructions on where to send it.
  7. TBPE mailing address?

    Hmmm... What are you sending to them?
  8. Texas results in!!!!

    Interesting.... Houston had two sites for April. Was NRG packed? How many were at The Woodlands?
  9. Texas results in!!!!

    I would ask them.
  10. Fresh out the box

  11. You can do what you want but I would highly recommend not putting any form of PE after your name. As others have said, I would state: Passed Principles and Practice of Engineering Civil Construction - April 2017 Or something similar.
  12. Illinois - Apr 2016 email was @ 3:19 PM

    Ha - that's why I moved to Texas. Illinois blows...
  13. Texas results in!!!!

    400 new licenses issued yesterday... seems low, very low.
  14. Texas results in!!!!

    Congrats to all the new Texas PEs - welcome! Have any of you received your e-mail stating you're licensed to practice yet? If not, it will be coming shortly (this will contain your license #). You'll also get a hard copy via snail mail with a pocket card. Your license to frame will follow a few weeks later (if I remember correctly). Couple of reminders once you get your e-mail/letter (which are basically detailed in your e-mail/letter): 1) Order your stamp ASAP. Once you receive your stamp, complete your Seal Imprint and Photograph Submittal Form and get it to the board for approval. You can e-mail or snail mail it. I e-mailed mine and received e-mail approval within a few days. Per 133.97, you have 60 days to complete. 2) Set up your account in ECHO. 3) Start thinking about continuing education classes. Although you can take an exemption for your first renewal if you take classes you can roll over some of the hours. I recommend signing up for TBPE's ethics webinar this year. It's only an hour long, you'll technically get credit (although you can't roll it over to next year) and you'll get an idea of what to expect (overall it's pretty simple and painless for an hour of your time/year). 4) Take multiple screen shots of NCEES and TBPE with your result. Also, continue to login to ensure it hasn't changed! 5) Order new business cards and change your e-mail signature!!
  15. Passing Score 70, Texas

    No doubt about it, 70 is the cut off. See §133.73(b).