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  1. Today, I received October 2014 PE Result from Alabama Board. Received result release email notification from NCEES. I passed. I took Civil - Structural. It was my first attempt.
  2. If it’s not ABET accredited, than you’ll have to do credential evaluation of the degree you have at NCEES credential evaluations branch and they will determine if the degree you have from “not ABET accredited” university is “Equal” .. that’s it! And then the crazy part about that, for foreign students, it's usually the non-technical classes that prevent them from being able to sit for the exams. A friend of mine has an engineering degree from India (probably 20+ hrs more design courses than an ABET curriculum here in the U.S., and probably would be ranked fairly high in quality when compared to all ABET schools) and he has a master's in engineering here in the U.S. He can't sit for the FE/EIT exam because his undergrad does not meet U.S. undergrad curriculum. The courses he lacks are things like Art, nothing that would affect his technical or design abilities. Maybe that's just me, but that seems a little ridiculous. And then you take the 7 credit-hours arts courses in history or foreign language and all your previous 15 years of engineering experiences are set = 0.0.
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