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  1. just posting to subscribe to this thread. I'm looking to take the PMP exam this year and all this was helpful. thanks EB folks
  2. Porter_

    NFL 2015

    bahh the first two Seahawks games have been frustrating. Graham targeted twice last weekend, defense giving up big plays. Here's to a win against Chicago this weekend. Kam's back, playing at CLink, i'm hopeful that this is the turning point.
  3. Porter_

    NFL 2015

    Hey, anyone remember this: http://www.gfycat.com/SameUltimateDikkops there really wasn't any other option. it's not like the Hawks had a reliable running back.... .... .... but seriously if it had worked people would be calling Pete a genius. it was a fantastic read/play by Butler. that guy sniffed it out as soon as they lined up.
  4. Porter_

    NFL 2015

    a glorious moment for Seahawk fans. i was jumping up and down in my living room.
  5. Porter_

    NFL 2015

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000505334/article/seahawks-russell-wilson-agree-to-876m-extension Russell Wilson and Seahawks agrees to $87.6M 4 year extension. i'm unbelievable happy about this. seems like a relatively fair deal, with Russ getting a bit of the better deal here. woohoo!
  6. Porter_

    NFL 2015

    NFL is upholding Brady's 4 game suspension! looks like this one's going to court.
  7. figured that went without saying
  8. I only needed the MERM and the accompanying practice problems on the exam. I also had with me the Machinist's Handbook, Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design, Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, and Blodgett's Design of Welded Structures but i didn't need them. The MERM really is a fantastic reference. I keep it on my desk at work. edit: i should note that i would still bring all the references you think could help. better to be over-prepared than up a creek without a paddle.
  9. if i correctly understand what you're asking, i did not use my college degree as experience credit. I've had several years of structural design experience in the workplace so that's what i used for the CE exam application.
  10. Do you use both of your stamps at your current employer? as you can see in WA it's a single license number with multiple Endorsements, so i only have a single 'stamp'. i haven't stamped any drawings yet with my current employer but the opportunity will come. i believe legally any licensed PE can stamp any engineering drawing (e.g. a mechanical PE can stamp electrical drawings,etc). it's up to the engineer to discern which drawings they're qualified to stamp.
  11. i'm a Mechanical Engineer and i passed both the Mechanical and Civil PE exams. i'm really happy i decided to take both exams, i feel like it really broadens my potential for job positions. on the Civil side of things my ultimate goal is to obtain an SE license. do you have any specific questions or are you just looking for general input on who has multi-discipline licenses? edit: as mentioned above palvarez83 has multiple licenses; mechanical, civil, and electrical i believe. he's a cool dude and answered a lot of my questions when i started looking into it.
  12. that's a lot of practice problems. i didn't have enough study time allotted to solve that many (though i would have liked to). this might be implied by your post but i'll suggest it any way: in addition to solving practice problems, read and understand the theory and subject matter. if you understand the subject matter you can logically work your way through any problem. also make efficient use of your time by studying the topics listed on the NCEES syllabus. i 'weighted' each subject on the syllabus and allocated the appropriate amount of time to each.
  13. i use P.E. d.e.a.l. w.i.t.h. i.t.
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