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  1. The Book has been Sold. Thanks for looking.
  2. Mike_NC

    Study Approach

    I took a review class overed at a local university college of engineering program (NC State) and passed the first time. I did however use the class review as a starting point and spend many many more hours studying/reviewing/practicing problems based on what they went over. The review class did excellent in the AM. (I knew how to do 85% of the problems), and worked my way through the other 15%. I did not guess on any in the AM and had plenty of time. I feel if you make good use of the CERM and study the outline of the AM, you should be in great shape for the breadth section. As I was told, if you do really well in the AM, then you obviously can miss more in the PM. I feel that was my case. I took the Construction depth and my review class left a lot to be desired for the Depth portion. I studied possibly more for the depth than I did the Breadth and I felt like I took a beating in the PM. I guess to sum it up, I would try to hit the AM hard, review, study, practice all topics listed for the AM outline and hopefully that can carry you through. By looking at your %'s, the AM is what is holding you back.. Hope that helps.
  3. I'm rolling back the price... to $45. I wouldn't walk into the Civil Exam without this book in your box. Since it is made the ones who make the exam, it is the closest thing to the real exam questions you will find.
  4. I think it depends on where you are on your studying. When I first began, I couldn't just sit down and work the example problems. I didnt know where to start.. I sort of had to look at problems/notes and teach or reteach myself approach/strategy.. Once I felt comfortable with a type or concept, I would go and use sample questions to gauge my understanding and test myself. Others may not agree, but I looked at NCEES sample questions first. It was the first book I bought and it was a good starting place for me, to see what questions types were fair game. I also used them at the end and made sure I was able to sit down and work all of them from start to finish w/o any problems at all. However there was enough time between working them that I didn't have the solutions memorized per say.. Hope I can help. Also wanted to thank all of those that helped answer my questions and helped me work through my studying this past October. Also Congrats to all that passed.
  5. I have the NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering PE Civil Sample Questions & Solutions book for sale for $50 plus $5 shipping. It's used, but in good shape with no markings.
  6. Mike_NC, Civil Construction, North Carolina, Website, 12/21/2009
  7. Mike_NC


    I got it fixed.. Thanks.. The Pin was not the last 4 digits of my SS#. However if you type in your license #, they will email you the generic Pin. You can then reset it later.
  8. Mike_NC


    I agree with you Steven.. Does anyone else have a problem with their info typed into the directory? I guess the IT guy was being so quick he had typos and he had a combination of my work address and home address and the zip is for neither. I am afraid they will try to mail my letter there!
  9. I would say if you can get it relatively easily, I would go ahead and get it. One thing I learned was that they can and will change the references that they stress on each exam... I had references with me that I did not even open and I had ones that I used more during the exam than I had any used up until then..
  10. Mike_NC


    Looks like they STARTED putting them up..
  11. Mike_NC


    How do we summon Engineer girl to get a legit update..
  12. Mike_NC


    It'd be a lot less work just to refresh this page, b/c I KNOW it will blow up once they start actually adding names...
  13. Mike_NC


    FINALLY, the results are in!! Good luck everyone.. and Steven HOPEFULLY I will need to know how to get my name on the banner!
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