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  1. Can a mod change the title to say "references" since I have more than 1? Thanks.
  2. Up for sale are some of my references from passing the April 2016 exam. All in good shape with some writing and general wear and tear. See list below: 1. Four Sample Exams - All Modules by Ruwan Rajapakse. $30 shipped. 2. Civil PE Geotechnical Module Guide and Sample Auestions Ruwan Rajapakse. $35 shipped. 3. NCEES Civil Geotechnical Practice Exam 2011 Edition. $40 shipped. 4. NCEES Civil Geotechnical Practice Exam 2015 edition (latest format). $25 shipped. 5. CERM 14th edition. $100 shipped. Or take the lot for $200 shipped!
  3. Just wanted to take a minute to say that I passed in WV. PE Civil Geotechnical. This was my 2nd attempt. I decided to take the EET Course after failing the first time with self study only. Like others have mentioned, EET is worth the money. Excellent course. For those who didn't pass, keep studying, you too will pass.
  4. Mrs. McCoy and I were about to watch Zoolander 2, but couldn't quite bring ourselves to watch it. Anyone seen it?
  5. Maybe someone can also explain the difference between yielding and ultimate. When a question asks to find the strength of a problem, I really don't understand which equations to use.
  6. Can anyone give me some insight as to what Mr and Mp are related to on table 3-2 of AISC? I can't find information anywhere and it seems the practice problems I look at just magically pick which moment to use from this table. Also, what is Z3 and how do I use it? Thanks for the help!
  7. Note. I think the EET course if fantastic, and I don't want to seem like I'm bashing it or selling it short. I'm just a bit frustrated by one topic.
  8. I am just getting through the structural (breadth topic) now. The structural instruction seems to be lacking compared to the rest of the material I've seen. I feel like a lot of concepts of very lightly covered with little equations related to actual problems. It's going to take a lot more studying on my own to bridge the gap. I'm just a bit frustrated by the structural because it's my worst topic. Seems like the other topics go into extreme detail, but not structural. The homework problems (40+) use equations and concepts that were not covered at all in the lecture.
  9. I'm taking it for civil breadth and geotechnical depth. I'm in the on-demand portion which works the best for me. Class seems well structured and I believe the value is in the provided notes and the extra little tid bits that the instructors give during the lectures. Everyone seems to talk about tons and tons of practice problems but I don't really see that. I failed the Oct '15 test with a 52/80 which I've been told was painfully close. I do feel like if I'd had the EET notes and background the questions I missed could have easily been answered. The vast majority of the stuff in EET I'm overly familiar with, but for someone who isn't very familiar with the concepts, it would be a big help.
  10. Bojangles > CFA in every way. Why did I move to Pittsburgh?
  11. WV results are in. Failed Geo Civil with a 52/80. Pretty depressed. I honestly don't know what else to do to pass.
  12. > Watch the video from the NCEES Youtube page.
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