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  1. Bosco PE

    PA Results are In

    Mine is posted! Link for anyone curious:
  2. Bosco PE

    PA Results are In

    This is agony. All I need is a license number and I can get the ball rolling on four different things: NCEES Record, a comity application, an official notification to my employer, and a seal.
  3. Bosco PE

    PA Results are In

    Bump. Any idea how long until we get a license number for Pennsylvania?
  4. Even in the T&F depth, I did not need anything beyond what the MERM already had. The steam tables were adequate. I felt like the MERM practice problems were an extraordinary waste of time. Problems typically took upwards of 20-30 minutes to solve, even if you're good. In my limited studying time, I'd rather spend those 30 minutes solving 3 problems than working on one problem where I have to look up the friction factor of a schedule 40 steel pipe, get the kinematic viscosity of water at whatever bullshit temperature they're giving me so that I can derive a Reynold's Number, then finally have the variables needed to solve for head loss in a pipe. I was seriously annoyed going through the practice problems in the MERM.
  5. This is my post-results spam post. The process for achieving professional licensure is asinine and wrong. I passed, and now I don't care anymore.
  6. Bosco PE

    PA Results are In

    I'm assuming you guys all got the following email too: Dear Candidate, Congratulations on passing the PE examination. The Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (Board) will process your examination scores and licensure within the next 3-4 weeks. Do not contact the Pennsylvania State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (Board) regarding your license, please allow up to 45 days to receive your license in the mail. Does this mean our names won't show up on the PA License Verification site or have a license number assigned for another few weeks? I'm jealous by the Texas guys that are already having their stamps made.
  7. MapuaTech's prep is ridiculously comprehensive and time consuming. I'm convinced that if you prepare like that, you will probably ace the exam. Unfortunately, I didn't have that kind of time to study, so I had to be tactical. Here's my most important advice - know the NCEES Sample Exam and bring it with you.
  8. Some people tabbed the hell out of their MERM. I'd rather use the extensive index they already created, so I printed out the index and put it in a three-ring binder. That way I could refer to this small binder of papers to get to the right section rather than flipping to the back of a huge book. That felt like a huge speed boost to me during the exam.
  9. I don't know what references you guys use for machine design, but I passed T&F depth and all I used was the MERM and NCEES sample exam. I did not feel like I was lacking any reference material.
  10. Just received my results from PA. I passed! No more brick shitting for me.
  11. Bosco PE

    PA Results are In

    PA - Mechanical Thermal & Fluids. Received a notification email and results posted to NCEES. Passed first try!!
  12. Can somebody tell me the cut score yet?
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