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  1. That was my thought, but the contractor has indicated the EOR will not allow any repairs other than removing the roofing and installing the blocking, so they are looking for outside consultants that will approve a modified repair. That being said, I'm not there to supervise the repair and they've already messed up the original installation. Best to just leave this one alone
  2. I'm looking to start outside consulting and one thing I've found is a company needing help with problems that arise during construction. What are your thoughts on providing consulting in the form of stamped letters/repair sketches for contractors on a job where problems arise? For example, a contractor forgot blocking in a portion of the roof framing and has already shingled it. The EOR is saying they must tear off shingles and installing blocking per the plans. The contractor wants a repair that avoids tearing the roof off (certified by Structural Engineer) and has requested my help. I don't know how I feel about going over the EOR's head and suggesting a repair..
  3. Thanks for the replies - pretty much confirms my original thoughts. I agree that the liability would fall on my shoulders, but also that my parents wouldn't choose to sue me. The construction is being completed by a competent contractor, so I'm not worried about that. My plan is to draft up a floor plan, framing plan and then throw some details on it. My experience with residential add-ons (such as a sun room), is that a stamped letter describing the construction has been good enough. However, with the state I'll probably put together a floor plan, framing plan and some details.
  4. Just a quick question about using my PE/SE Stamp... My parents own a lumber mill and recently put a 700 sq ft lean to on the side of one of their buildings. The state flagged it, saying they need a permit - if I create the structural drawings, can I stamp them without being under an LLC or any sort of business? This is just to get the structural Construction Design Release
  5. I also didn't have a lot of experience with the Seismic Manual going into the exam - The few tabs I had were in the Chapter 9 Provisions so I could get to the system quickly. I tabbed Moment Frames (9.1-28), Braced Frames and Shear Walls (9.1-50), Composite Moment Frames (9.1-77) and Comp. Brace and Shear Wall (9.1-88). From there you can go to the specific system in question fairly quickly (i.e. Special Moment Frames) and just follow along the design guidelines and find whatever information the test question is asking. Other miscellaneous tabs include Protected Zone guidelines (9.1-104), RBS Moment Connection (9.2-11) because some sort of RBS question seemed to pop up a lot in practice exams and sample problems, the Ry and Rt Table (9.1-4), and Table D1.1 (9.1-12) since ductility of members is critical in certain systems. Other than that, I used Alan Williams' "Seismic and Wind Forces Structural Design Examples" for reference.
  6. That's what I was thinking - thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies - glad to hear other states (like MA) also accept SE for PE. I have a BS and MS from Purdue with structural emphasis, so I'm assuming that won't be an issue for Illinois SE. Is there any value in obtaining an Illinois PE when I can just get the SE and still do structural work there?
  8. Just a general question - I tried looking on the specific state websites and couldn't find an answer. I recently sat for and passed the SE, but I have not sat for the PE. In Indiana, the SE is accepted to provide PE licensure (because Indiana doesn't offer SE licensure). Does anyone know if this is similar for other states - say Illinois, who offers SE licensure. Can I apply for an Illinois PE with my SE pass results? And is passing the SE the only thing I need to obtain an SE license in Illinois?
  9. I was the only one in Indiana on Saturday as well. Congrats!
  10. I got an email titled "NCEES Notification of Results Release". Then it just told me to log on and access the results. Last time though I didn't receive an NCEES email at all. I passed Vertical but not Lateral and I got an email from the IN state board with an attached approval to sit for the April 2015 lateral. The email stated I should be able to login in to NCEES to see I had passed Vertical but not Lateral.
  11. Or today...Just got passing Indiana SE results
  12. Congrats! Which state? Indiana
  13. Congrats! And very nice work passing them both at the same time
  14. Just got the official NCEES notice - Passed 2nd attempt lateral. Such a relief to be done
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