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  1. I was under the impression that the NY PE website lags behind the release by NCEES by about two weeks. I hope I'm wrong! You're probably right... it's backup and running
  2. The NY PE verification/search tool is now unavailable... maybe they're updating it... or maybe it crashed from too many inquiries.
  3. What determines when the states release the results? I'm waiting on NY
  4. I took the morning, scored a 33/40 in 2.5 hours. Going to try the afternoon another day. I know I should be studying my @$$ off, but at the same time I don't want to waste my time. Just trying to gauge how nervous I should be. Aside from tabbing my references & getting my brain flexibility back, should I be worried about cramming? And thank you both for replying.
  5. 47 views and no replies? Anyone care to share their score? AM or PM ?
  6. Anyone care to post what score they got on the NCEES Practice Exam? (Especially Civil-Construction) ...and did you pass the PE exam? If not, what was your score? Wondering what the correlation is (if any). Thanks,
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