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  1. Watermelon may or may not have a similar effect depending on the persons probiotic level I would think... ?
  2. Thanks guys. It has definitly made the house a much more empty place.
  3. Not sure if the video will work, but we lost our Rex. VT used to talk to him on the phone and call him sexy Rexy. I'm not going to lie. It was seriously one of the hardest decisions I've ever made in my life, but what do you tell your dog when he can't understand what is happening to him? Ana isn't doing so well, and we applied to adopt at the humane society but it's so hard to not feeling like I'm replacing him. I'm just so worried that after 10 years she needs that sort of companionship. This is twice now in a matter of a year I've had a pet die in my arms. I feel horrid. New video_Medium.mp4
  4. I grew up a Penn State fan and only started cheering for Alabama because Auburn fans are @$$hatts, and couldn't figure out that an orange/blue shirt with the word "Syracuse" on it does not mean it is appropriate to yell "war eagle" at me... plus you can't seem to live here and not have an SEC team to pull for.
  5. I would have to video the whole house, front yard, back yard and garage... but there were definitely tears at the Halloween party
  6. Thanks KF... I signed on just to see this post had a Halloween party last night, me and about 50 of my most closest friends had a blast.
  7. Seared steak with a "I'm an idiot who can't write TIME!" pan sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans Edit- That is hilarious considering I was actually using the correct version of the word, lmbo especially since I get so annoyed with the incorrect usage
  8. I got a $20 check from the linked in debacle, so you never know
  9. Salad, Lasagna, Roll and sweet tea... it was a splurge meal
  10. My old old washer and dryer (the ones left in the NC rental house that got stolen) was in the house when I bought it but didn't work... I ended up using a timing belt from the auto store to fix it temporarily and man did that thing squeal at the start of each cycle, lol
  11. I like their Italian one better. I wish they had a buffet like some of the Krogers though
  12. I'll second it's saved me a ton of time with the cherokee on stupid crap rather than having to take it in
  13. Speed Queen was the ones that our contractor put in dorms back when I was working at the college... seems to me that a company who provides laundry machines to college students probably knows something about value and durability...
  14. I chose mine based on reviews on amazon and other places on the web, it was also 60% off or so on Prime Day IIRC
  15. Yes this is the one I have... there are also some for sure accessories to buy as well if you are going to use it a ton, but it took me a good 7 months before I started to look to get fancy.
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