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  1. PeeWee

    EB Mafia

    @SaltySteve I vote @mafia
  2. PeeWee

    EB Mafia

    Spam thread is currently open. Mods unlocked it!
  3. I called it delayed because he informed me that he was called by someone in the Gov't stating they processed the application but needed further information through an interview to discuss some of the answers that did not fall within the expected responses. The interview took 4 weeks to schedule.
  4. PeeWee

    EB Mafia

    I know I'm not part of the round, but I got word from the cop as a CI: @vhab49_PE is a townie @ChebyshevII PE might be the doc Others that were investigated were townies, now they're dead! The cop only has one investigation left and needs it to count. I'm not releasing the name of the cop, yet...
  5. PeeWee

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for not being Mafia
  6. PeeWee

    EB Mafia

    That's mafia talk if I ever heard it.
  7. I'm blacklisted cause of a biased jury and a guilty plea. I don't even try to apply for background checks anymore! That plea saved me from the felony charges though... Last time I filled out that damn SF-97 form, it requires information going back 10 years and the feds want all the information on all immediate family, including your spouse's (if applicable). Something to do with foreign assets and wanting to know if you can be swayed towards betraying your country. Know one guy that married a woman who had two prior convictions for weapons charges (right at the 10 year mark for her). Between that and the fact he had no contact with certain family members, his application was delayed for 4 weeks and he had to go through some special interview. Never bothered to get details on that though. He has his clearances now, but expects trouble when renewing in the next year or two. Things hang on your records for more years than I'd like to consider.
  8. PeeWee

    EB Mafia

    It's your mafia background I tell ya!
  9. We're not supposed to be an expert in everything. We know what we know, specialize in one field and may brush others with a broad stroke! I only know one fella that is licensed in 8 different engineering disciplines in one state, his CEU requirements are off the charts. Others that have 2-3 license are at least somewhat related to each other or in the same field.
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