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  1. Surf and Snow

    autotransformer question

    We use lots of auto transformers at my work, but all at transmission voltage (500/230kV, 230/115kV etc..) FWIW Engineering Pro Guides technical study guide has some good study examples.
  2. I have a Spin Up 2nd edition, great condition, no markings I'd sell for $80 shipped. Let me know if your interested.
  3. Surf and Snow

    PE Water Resources Study Schedule

    I took, and passed, the PE exam in April (Power, not water resource though). I started studying Jan 1st, so 3.5 months before the exam. Here was my schedule: 3 days a week I stayed late at my office (quiet and alone) after work was done for the day and stayed 3-4 hours each of those nights, reading/studying one night and doing a 1/2 practice exam (4 hour 40 question) for the other 2 nights. And every Saturday I spent 8 hours at the library doing a full practice exam (8 hr 80 question). I did that for 3 months, with occasional schedule changes where needed due to work/life, but I made up any missed day on a different day. So, ~20hs/week for 3 months. I was committed! The week of the exam I worked Monday, but I took Tues-Fri off to do finally prep and study. I retook the NCEES official practice test Tues, another full test on Weds, Thurs I took a 1/2 exam in the morning and drove to my hotel by the test site, then reviewed my notes, had a good dinner and went to bed. Got up bright and early on Fri, arrived at test center early and nailed it. Then I went home and had a nice dinner with my family and cracked a celebratory beer. All total I logged 250-300 hrs. Maybe it was over kill, but I wanted to be confident I'd only have to go through this once and only once. I feel for those on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th attempts. I figure if I couldn't commit to find the time to study right the first time, how would I be able to find time for another 3 months, or another after that. I figure go hard, and be one-and-done ymmv Good luck! You can do it!
  4. You can do it! I’m a working father as well with a 40-50 hr work week and a 2-year old daughter. Started studying in January. Stayed late at work 3 nights a week to study and all day at the Library on Saturdays. Made Sunday a family day to balance that in. Wife was supportive as ultimately me getting my PE license will benefit the whole family. Toughed through that for 3 1/2 month and took abs passed the PE in April. It’s definitely a tough balancing act, but you can do it!
  5. Surf and Snow

    PE Exam Prep vs. Grad School

    ^^^ This. If I ever do go for a Masters degree I’d be going for an MBA. Not a masters in engineering. While I’m sure an engineering Master msnight make one a better engineer, there is little benefit in most positions salary or job wise. Now an MBA paired with an engineering bachelors and PE license is a well rounded power punch in the career world as far as opening doors in management and other opportunities. Ymmv
  6. Surf and Snow

    Which Pencil to use...

    “The only questions I got wrong were the ethics ones!” lol
  7. Surf and Snow

    Passing PE exam & current employer reaction?

    Color me jealous! lol
  8. Surf and Snow

    Adding Credentials

    Everyone I deal with uses P.E. so I tend to follow suit. Months from now when I finally get the license approved...
  9. Surf and Snow

    Practice Problems Materials for Power Exam

    Hey buddy, I didn’t sign shlt, because I don’t have shlt, and I’m not trying to sell shlt. Wrong guy. I don’t have class binders or any of that. Not me. Im not trying to make profits of other people’s labor. I’m simply trying to have a conversation while you are up on your high horse that used hardback books are sold everywhere. ( Reread the thread, I’m not talking about class notes nor am I involved in any of that)
  10. Surf and Snow

    Practice Problems Materials for Power Exam

    I get the deal with not distributing PDFs, but every book is copyrighted. Are you suggesting no used book can ever be resold? There are literally thousands of used books on Amazon and in “Used book stores” everywhere. Like I said, I get the digital thing or making copies, but originals?
  11. Surf and Snow

    Passing PE exam & current employer reaction?

    This ^^^ Is almost my exact spot. No raise. No bonus. (Federal employee on scheduled step increases, no performance based pay) Might get reimbursed for exam and licensing fees, but not for prep materials/books. After telling my boss that I passed, I got a hearty slap on the shoulder and a "congratulations, that's an awesome accomplishment!" PEs are mostly not required in my world (Fed gov, power transmission agency in D.O.E.) unless one sets up shop and goes after their own work. I did it mostly for the prestige, peer respect that comes with the title, and simply because it was a personal/professional goal.. And I guess also to some extent because I hope to set up my own consulting shop one day after retiring from federal service. There now it is exact,. haha
  12. Surf and Snow

    Practice Problems Materials for Power Exam

    Link redacted. FWIW, I didn’t personally use the PDF. I used a hardback copy we have in my work library. As for the GE book, the link is direct to GEs website where they themselves have it posted as free open source.
  13. Surf and Snow

    The wait is killing me

    https://ncees.org/engineering/pe/pass-rates/ Well, only 29 people in the whole country took it! Sheesh. That exam will be on the chopping block soon, making your PE license super rare!
  14. Surf and Snow

    Pe 2018

  15. Surf and Snow

    Practice Problems Materials for Power Exam

    I used the Blackburn Book. and GE Art & Science of Protective Relaying book: http://www.gegridsolutions.com/multilin/notes/artsci/ Used the printer at work to print, then brought the printed pages to Office Depot and paid like $4 to have it spiral bound and covered. Those two are big books that go deep for those hard to get conceptual questions are available above for FREE. Now for the math equations and basics, this little Power Engineers Protective Relaying Quick Reference costs $25 but IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD! This was my 3rd most used book out of ALL my references both in study and on the exam. I HIGHLY recommend it. https://www.powereng.com/news-publications/quick-reference/ Here's a thread about this topic: