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  1. If that were indeed the case, then why is the pass rate so much lower than others?
  2. Negative. I didnt know about the colors. I could tell others around me based on the books (ie civil reference manual, vs NEC codebook etc) but with nothing on his table but a single calculator, it remains a mystery.
  3. Jokes aside, when I took my exam in April 2018, the guy directly in front of my brought nothing but a single calculator. No references at all. He finished the first 4 -hr session in 2 hrs and left and after lunch finished the second 4-hr session in 1.5 hrs and left. To this day I wish I knew the results. For sure he either didnt give a crap and bombed at 25%, or was a super genius and aced the fist 100% ever. I want to know!
  4. I used it as well as his practice exam. I found both to be very useful. I took and passed the exam in April 2018 (one and done) and IMHO this was my 2nd best reference. I, personally, thought Graffeo was a little more helpful, but these are excellent. The biggest thing holding the technical reference guide back is that it did not have an index. On a timed exam, with 6-minute average problem time, every second counts. It sucks when you KNOW the problem can be solved by info in this book, but with no index it takes you 2 minutes to find it instead of 10 seconds. Graffeo has a quick to use index. I really wish Justin would create an index. It would help push this from an 8 or 9 to a solid 10. That said, I would still HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. The price to value ratio is off the charts. There is no better reference for even close to the price of this. It trumped most other references I paid $100+ for in terms of applicability. Buy it, and his practice exams. You wont regret it. As a side note, I printed it at work and brought the paper to Office Depot and had it nicely spiral bound and covered for only $3!
  5. X2. I was able to borrow them all from my office library. Worth asking.
  6. I will say, just as the syllabus says, protection was the heaviest topic on the exam I took in April. I passed, thankfully, but if I had to do it again I wish I would’ve studied protection more, and been more familiar with those references. I know I missed at least 2-3 questions on the exam frantically searching my protection resources to what would have been a gimme point for a conceptual question or any easy 1 step calculation if I knew the right equation.
  7. Negative. You need to diversify. I took 16.5 full practice exams before I took the PE in April 2018. Passed the first try. I’d seen so many different problems it was VERY helpful. Exactly. I think if all I focused on was the NCEES practice exam and eng pro guides, I would not have passed. Simply memorizing a small set of problems is not a good recipe imo. The actual exam covered many topics and problems that were not in that small set. You want to be ready for a broader range of problems. But that’s just my experience. Ymmv Nonethess, good luck to you all. Hope you nail it! Keep focused. Keep working as many problems as you can. You’re in the home stretch! Plan a relaxing weekend afterward! You’ll have earned it!
  8. Does anyone need any extra practice exams for the final stretch?
  9. I used a small rolling suit case. It seamed about 75% of every one there did the same.
  10. I hear you. I have a 2-year old. Studying at home was next to impossible, so I didn’t. What worked for me is 3 nights a week (M, W, F) I stayed at the office after work and did 20 problems a night 5-7pm then went home and got kiddo time. Then every Sat, I went to the library and alternated either a 4 hr half exam or a full 8 hr exam. It was me and the homeless guys there open till close. Then Sun was family time day. Did that for 4 months straight (Jan-April), but was confident and well prepared in April 13th. Passed it first try. You can do it! Wish you the best. BTW if you need/want extra practice exams, I have Spin-Up for sale:
  11. Congrats! Been a long wait. What state were you waiting on?
  12. Today, I am FINALLY a P.E.!!!! After 5 months of waiting, Oregon finally approved my application. My 2018 New Years goal was to become a PE. So I started studying 1/1/18 and like many of you, I worked my butt off every night and weekend for 4 months. I took the PE exam 4/13 and passed on the first attempt (one and done baby!), and then began one of the longest waits in my life. Going through the Oregon application process. 5 grueling loooooong months later, my licence was finally issued today! I'm sure since 99% of my April 2018 brethren already received their licences, most are now long gone, but just wanted to let you all know the last guy in line waiting, finally got it!
  13. Would take $50 for Spin-Up if somebody buys it this week.
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