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  1. Hi Mangano, We are a product manufacturers and procure few material internationally from vendors that do not have ICC or any certifications. We do provide QA/QC reports for all structural steel but SB county insists that we procure material only from ICC/AISC/SBC certified vendors only otherwise they would test all the materials to approve. This incurs additional testing expenses to our company.
  2. Hi, Anyone knows about steel fabricator certification process from ICC. We have two projects in San Bernardino project as a steel supplier for solar trackers. Building reviewer is requiring us to have either ICC or AISC QMS approval or he would like to test material on site. AISC fabricators certification is very expensive (over $10k) and was wondering what would be the requirements for ICC certifications. I would not find any details on their iccsafe website. Thank you, Kiran
  3. Thank you, can we take PE exam after pasing FE examination without taking EIT certificate
  4. I have passed FE exam in New Mexico in Oct 2011 and never applied for EIT certification. Should I have an EIT before taking PE exam in California? I would like to appear for PE in CA for Oct 2014, I have eligibility with Masters and two years of professional experience. Thank you, Kiran
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