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  1. Has anyone acquired their Lean/Six Sigma Black Belt? I did green belt with my employer and they also have a black belt program. It is a 40-hour course. I'm gonna go for it, since my boss offered to pay for the class.
  2. If you work on LEED projects look into the options for counting time spent on projects as it can be used for some of the CE requirements. I believe it goes one CE hour per credit on the project.
  3. I picked up copies of the original trilogy "Despecialized" versions... basically a really nice HD version of the original, unaltered trilogy stitched together from a bunch of various sources. I've only had time to watch through episode IV but from what I've seen so far, this guy did a really great job. The files are in 720p which is not 1080 but still looks great on my projector. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/star-wars-despecialized-edition-removes-alterations-to-the-original-trilogy I think there are official download instructions somewhere, but I just went looking in the 'usual' sources and was able to find it.
  4. I'd say if you can pass the specialty exam you can pass the GA, but I also took them separately (just in case). For the GA, I used the LEED Green Associate Exam preparation guide by McCombs. This includes a practice exam in the back. Read and understand this material and you will be fine on the exam. As mentioned in another post above, I used the official reference guide from USGBC for the AP exam, along with a study guide I found on Amazon. This turned out to be sufficient to pass the exam, but there is a good deal of memorization involved.
  5. When I was a kid my dad used to give me a slide rule that looked just like that every christmas as kind of a running joke... I would play with it for about 2 minutes, get bored and toss it aside. He'd put it away somewhere and re-gift it the next year.
  6. +1 for NSPE. I went to the meeting in Seattle this year and it was a good time. I've also been thinking about joining the IES lately. Their airfield lighting conference was in town this year, so I went. That was just as good as NSPE and more relevant to my interests, me being an electrical guy.
  7. I still have my TI-86 from high school. It is going on 20 years old and I use it daily at work. Those things don't die, ever. Some of the paint on the keys is starting to wear off, though.
  8. Thanks! Maybe you're right that estimate is a bit low. Spent an afternoon or two a week for 6 weeks, minus thanksgiving. It could have been more like 40 hrs
  9. In your opinion was the in-person class worth the time? My employer offers online classes to meet the ed requirement for the PMP, and its free to go that route. A couple people at my work went that way and got their PMP. I just got done doing the LEED AP and just read the book and passed, is it more difficult than that?
  10. Passed my AP BD+C today! Was a good deal tougher than the Green assoc. exam, so... hooray, I guess? I used the reference guide and a study guide which was essentially a condensed version of the reference guide. Read through those materials and took a practice test. My score was middle-of-the-road, so I know I would not have passed had I not put in the hours I did. Probably 15-20 hours in total preparing. I have worked on 3 LEED projects under past rating systems. Next on the list is the AP O+M, next year.
  11. Congrats! Friday is best day for results to be released.
  12. That's Logan Airport, looking south toward the shipyards in South Boston.
  13. Today I finished a pretty epic spreadsheet which summarizes costs, impacts, justifications, energy use and ROI data for about 35 proposed lighting upgrade projects around our facility. I've put a lot of time into it, and we finally submitted it upstairs to finance. I'm also on vacation starting today, so it was a nice relief to finish the effort before taking off.
  14. That's the feeling I get. As a EE my involvement in any project is not that extensive.
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