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  1. Buy Mikes am Pe exam guide, black book with purple stripe I think. He tells you key tab points. Very very helpful, plus the book has a practice exam so overall it was easily worth the little I paid for it. He could triple the price and in my opinion it would be worth it.
  2. I get answer C, LOS D Exhibit 20-2 I knew this was a HCM look up and found chapter 20 within 2 minutes. I wish I could get on here more often.
  3. My 7 year old was very involved with me studying. He was very supportive and made a huge poster board for me when I returned home from the exam in April. When I got the certificate from the State in May, I placed it on my desk in the basement where I did all the studying. One day in July he heard me talking to my wife about getting a nice picture frame and "framing it" Without realizing what he was doing he came back up stairs with the certificate, with a hand cut brown paper border stapled to it with at least 30 different staples. He handed it to me and said " because I love you" In a way it looks ridiculous, but in some ways it looks better than anything I could have bought. I have left it on the desk, very proud for all to see. I will take a picture and post it.
  4. I sent the HCM back to the main office, so I did a quick search on my phone that night. However, looking at the question and reading it fully, C makes since. Let that be a lesson for you future test takers, read the problem!!!! LOL
  5. $300 is less than the cost of registering again. Then there is the cost of your time if you need to restudy. Plan to over study and be over prepared and you will be; but you will pass.
  6. I did not purchase this. I did pass so I made the right choice as money is tight. One thing to look at is depth reference manuals that are using the current references. This was the only one that used the 2010 HCM. All the examples and sample exams were using the 2000 HCM which had changes. If I had to do it again, I would have bought it earlier.
  7. Based on the April 2014 test, I would make sure I had the latest edition. Taking the exam again cost more than a new manual. You could always turn around and sell it if you need to.
  8. Bad news hec210; if you damage the stamp in a moment of excitment, they make you re-take the 8 hour exam before you can buy another stamp. True story.
  9. Good luck. Study hard, over study in fact, and make the exam seem easy. One and done. Saves on time in the end.
  10. I think in every state if you fail NCEES gives you a report.
  11. Predgw

    ILLINOIS is out...

    Congrats to those that passed!!!
  12. Wow, 20% raise. Where were you at? Where do you live? Geography has a lot to do with pay scales.
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