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  1. got my wall certificate in the mail yesterday folks.
  2. an old timer here at my firm said his exam wasnt even multiple choice! can you imagine that?
  3. I am still in disbeleif a few months later as well. We had another kid a few weeks before the October exam. With an infant and toddler at home now, and two full time working parents, i simply have zero time to study anymore. At the earliest i was looking at an 830pm start. And that is with me being super exhausted. I am really really happy i was able to pass while my wife was on maternity leave. Good luck to all out there.
  4. i too got a PE number and am officially in the database. Too bad i need the actual certificate to get my work bonus. That i bet takes a month or two
  5. The state just cashed my check yesterday. All my checklist items have been fulfilled on the check site Still waiting for a license number though, as i am still shown as pending. I mailed the check, wed the 28th of December. So they sat on it for almost a month.
  6. As a 3x tester who passed this past October I can offer my thoughts... I took electrical, a military buddy of mine told me they taught him in military to write down all the questions you remember as soon as you finish the exam (in your car, at home etc). You will remember types and styles of problems to practice at home and they will be on the exam again. As a 3 time taker, i can honestly say many of the questions were the same each go around. Obviously i dont want to get specific here, but they were always similar. The diagnostics tells you how you did per section. You really need to average 70 in each subject or offsett whatever you did poorly in with something you do exceptionally in. i.e you can afford to skip an entire section if you know that time is put to better use acing somingthing you are currently doing mediocre in. What have been your scores to date? If you are in the 45+ correct, you are in the ballpark to pass, you need to study more/do more problems. How long have you been studying per cycle? I have read 300 hours. But i have a family with small kids and a full time job, i could only fit in 144-170 hours each time i took it. That is probably one of the reasons it took 3x to pass. Are you taking a review course? I took a review course the last two times i took the exam. First time no course. 2nd time, course i listened to lectures and did problems. 3rd time, very limited time with lectures (just specific topic specific) and ALL PROBLEMS. Are you reading every problem during the exam, ie not running out of time? if you are blind guessing 10+ problems in each of the am and pm sections you arent going to pass. It sucks i get it. But if you are in 45+ right, you are close. I wouldnt give up.
  7. so i finally got the licensesure activation form in the mail today lol. I sent my check last week, they still havent cashed it.
  8. TKG sent me the license form last week, which i put in the mail along with my check on Thursday Jan 12th. They still havent cashed my check, my checklist still isnt updated, i am still showing as pending. PCS also sent me the email about registering for Aprils exam....GTFOH!!!! And NJ Eng office still hasnt sent me the license form like they said they would (thanks again TKG)
  9. so i called again. They have my score in their system now as passed. But i still havent received the application to send the $80 check. The rep says, give me your email addy, we'll send it to you. I still havent gotten the email. This was all yesterday.
  10. it seems they are very disorganized. I didnt want to be that PIA guy calling all the time, but i have a bonus through work for getting PE, but i need the actual printed certificate!!!! At this point i bet i dont see the certificate until sometime in february or march.
  11. Called the NJ office today, lol, no record in their "system" i passed, even though NCEES and the njconsumer checklist site both show a pass. Said they will escalate to get me the PE application. I asked, when will they follow up, they said, we dont know lol. I'll be calling every Monday until i get something in the mail.
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