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  1. MA is out ! Guy in my office passed Elec! Go look ... congrats to those who passed
  2. MA emails to pay for licensure through PCS were just sent out at 12:10PM EST. Now waiting for my number to be assigned.
  3. So it should be showing up soon in mine for MA... Results released yesterday at 350PMEST
  4. How long did it take for NJ to show up on NCEEs?
  5. You know it.. passed as well.. Congrats man! That's me. Jeff?
  6. Now that some of the PCS states have been released - how long will it take to get an email from PCS with the next steps to pay for the license now that you have passed!? NJ/CT? You guys were the first PCS states to report.. have you got an email yet to pay for your license?
  7. EIT - October 2008 BSEE - May 2009 PE - October 2013
  8. MA released at approx 3:53PM EST on 12/16/13 Passed - Electrical: Power
  9. Donny7 Passed PE - Electrical: Power Massachusetts
  10. For some reason - I am not caring as much today... Maybe it's because I am still POed about Friday...
  11. I just called to see if they lifted that "office meeting" message from Friday. They did .. and then I hung up. Impatiently waiting for MA results
  12. Does anyone know if this message has been on all day or if it was just put on in the last hour?
  13. I am in the same boat.. blue arrow next to "Passing Score Received"
  14. I am in the same boat as you man! Knowing that they could come any second is the worst I really hope so - or that could be it for today, they only managed to get NJ out yesterday. Once we get to the weekend I'll be fine, but I'm so anxious that my productivity is going to be wrecked for the rest of the day.
  15. So CT and VA released within 1 hour of eachother... trend for the rest of the day?
  16. I'm sorry! Add MD in there, and PA... I want everyone to get em! My proud Maryland feelings are hurt. Why can't we join your club?
  17. April 2013, saw WI, MA, PR, and VA all in the same day.. Let's hope we see atleast CT, WI, MA, and VA today!
  18. So April results point to WI and MA next... Bigger question is if we see them today or not
  19. Part of me wishes the results were distributed like when I took my FE.. didn't know when results were coming, didn't check online, got a letter one day and was stoked. Now I am just anxious to know and about as unproductive as you can be right now. Knowing too much and trying to analyze every damn trend from past exams to know when I am going to get my results is no fun...
  20. I checked this morning - nothing. I also don't expect that to be the first place for something to show up. PCS should be where we find out first... similar to NJ. I guess giving them space works although I doubt the people we talk to have anything to do with when our results go out. I'm going with the option to give them time and space and hopefully something will be out today. Did you check the MA board page for license lookup since the maintenance?
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