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  1. For Surveying...I've found the best bet is to get the NCEES practice exams for the National tests. Some of the topics can be explained by those older staff, but you're right, the courses are crap. For the State Specific tests, the best bet is to contact the state society. The reference material they tend to have is awesome. Add to it, that in some states, like Pennsylvania, their societies offer review courses.
  2. Good morning Lady PE, Sorry for the long delay, it's been a busy summer. 53 credits is way too many for someone that already has an Engineering degree, it's disappointing to hear that's what they're asking from you. In my day, I felt that NJIT bent over backward to help me get the degree and make my previous classes fill voids. It's also sad that they've done away with the satellite campus and remote learning. I'm surprised to hear about the lack of a state specific exam. That's kind of the most important test for Surveyors. The FS and PS cover the math and basic aspects, but the State exams are there to check to make sure you understand the specifics of each state, since they vary so much. Good luck in the application and let me know if I can be of any help. Larry
  3. You need to have the degree requirements in order to be considered for an NJ PLS. The grace period to get a license without a degree ended better than 15 or 20 years ago. If you have a Civil degree, the NJIT program is perfect for you. It's exactly what I did. I think it was 12 classes I had to take and then with that degree was accepted to sit for the exam. By the time I finished my degree, I already had my PLS in PA and Ohio, so all I needed to take was the State Specific Exam and Law exam. The reason the checklist says not applicable is because there is no way you could have taken it unless you were already approved to site for the NJ PLS exam. I always found it ironic that they had that on the application. As for resources, I don't remember where I got it, but I have a reference manual prepared by Robert Ent, Jr. from May 2006. It's 750 pages and 19mb, but definitely helpful as a study guide. I'm certain that if you can't find it, we can figure out a way for me to get it to you But as I said, if you don't have a surveying degree the Board won't even look at your application. Good luck. Larry
  4. @Sapper PE LS....It's a little late, but congratulations. It was, without a doubt, the hardest test I took, so I can appreciate the accomplishment, along with the resiliency to keep trying. Sorry this took so long, life got pretty crazy in June and is only now starting to let up.
  5. Thanks Knightfox I did, having this board is a nice forum to vent and relieve some stress is better when someone else is part of the conversation.
  7. I was trying to hold message number 100 for the big announcement....but here it is 2;07 and still no results.
  8. Post number 99 at 12:09 and still not results.....It's really frustrating. Every time my phone dings I look over with anticipation....only to be crushed.
  9. I think when I was younger...I handled this better. Lets see...the office opens at it's 9:15 the results should be on their way right?
  10. Also just spamming to finally get my post number above 100....After 9 years, I should really have spoken up more.
  11. And it was a hard there's a good chance that this isn't the last time I'll be waiting on results.
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