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  1. Hey all, been a bit since I was last logged in. How was this past october's exam? Specifically the CE Water/Enviro? Was curious if it was more difficult than the April exam or on par with that exam. I am asking largely due to the fact I have a friend who will be taking the exam in the Spring and I wanted to see if the "new form" (i.e. April 2014 exam) is still the norm or if it went back to the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot style of October 2013. Thanks Chris
  2. Jersey started posting License numbers on their website. I saw mine up there.
  3. I made a copy of everything I sent them as proof. I provided this during my application process and it solved things very quickly.
  4. My buddy and I are in the same boat. Two (2) weeks and counting.
  5. Well if it is anything like NJ DEP licensing, we will see it 6 months from now.
  6. NJ board told me about 60 days after receiving the results.
  7. New Jersey is up to date as well.
  8. Billy, While I didn't take construction, I passed by using a combination of the CERM, NCEES Exams (2004, 2008 and 2011) and Goswami All in One Sample Exams. While I took Water as my PM section, I purchased the contruction and geotechnical 2011 NCEES exams just to make sure I covered all my bases when it came to those particular subjects. I did find overlapping questions between material sets that might be helpful in your preparation. I personally found that working the difficult problems from say the CERM Sample Exam helped with the much easier problems that showed up in retired NCEES problems. This is my personal experience and may differ from individual to individual.
  9. Pass - Water Resources
  10. Here is an interesting question I have always wondered. Obviously the thread originated with a failing score for the Civil Transpo. I wonder how the numbers vary when dealing with the other disciplines. Obviously the morning is the morning. I would be interested to see the PM portions. I took WR for example. I wonder if the numbers are the same or a few points in either direction for the other disicplines.
  11. I took the Water Resources & Environemental again this time around (second time on the exam). For me it was certainly a prep issue as I breezed the morning (to the tune of 2 hours). The afternoon took all four hours for sure with the last two in Water be more or less guesses as I didn't have the time to solve them. For the most part the water resources problems were straight forward and were equations. The wastewater part of the exam was interesting, I guess having a regulatory standard in your back pocket might have helped for one of them. Becuase I thought my issue was a prep issue it would be biased to say I thought the October exam was harder. But truthfully, the OCtober exam was harder and had far less conceptually based questions. I left the exam confident. Mike PE did help a bit with study suggestions and they were awesome. Previous NCEES exams and Goswamis book were my keys to my prep this time.
  12. PEguy, Not quite sure what to say. I do however understand where you are coming from in terms of not wanting to start studying again. Start over though? Even though I didn't pass, I don't see it as starting over as much as it is refining what I did and did not know on the exam. The diagnostic is quite helpful in telling you where you were strong and where you weren't. For me, it's all about passing. I don't like failing at anything I do, this just tells me I need to work harder and in the end you have the satisfaction of passing the exam and calling yourself a Professional Engineer. The perks of being a PE aren't a half bad thing to desire as well.
  13. Joel,, Thanks for the response. You described essentially my plan. Its basically what I have done in the past (still cannot for the life of me figure out why I decided to do something different). I have several different sample exams from all different sources. I think there was a combination of time management for me as I stated and not knowing everything I should. That issue can be remedied quite easily as I do remember quite a few of the questions from the October exam and I have found a majority of the material I was looking for to solve those problems. Seeing the exam for the first time gives me a better understanding of what I need to do, but at the same time now I know and I will be less jittery and anxious. As far as morning books go, I only used one during this past exam (primarily the CERM). I don't think I knew my way around it as well as I thought, but then again, I didn't have my own table of contents at the time telling me where everything was. Now I do, this should easily cut down a significant amount of time. I will continue doing timed tests, but honestly, when I do them at home, I am not really stressed out, so I don't run into the same time management issues as I did on the exam. I do appreciate everyone's input and I will continue to follow suggestions. Thanks again.
  14. blg, 2007 - 2004 - Goswami -
  15. JD, I spent a similar time studying for the exam as you. It was definitely a time management issue for me. I overwhelmed myself and well the results are the results (this is how the FE was for me the very first time I took it). I did find that this past exam had a few of the problems from the AM portion of the NCEES sample exam. Looking back through it, I counted 4 or 5. Slightly different variations, but the methodology was identical. Since obtaining my results, I haven't wasted any time getting more problems. I have obtained Metcalf and Eddy (Wastewater Book), Goswani's Sample Exam, NCEES Construction and Geotech (this is to further reinforce and see different problems), 2004/2007 NCEES Sample Exams (same reason as the other two exams) and several other sample exams that I have found on the internet. Following some of NJMike's recommendations, I have taken the NCEES exam syllabus for water resources (AM and PM Sections) and went through my CERM and made myself a table of contents that tells me what chapter every one of those topics areas are located. With that said, if you recall from my very first post in this thread, I stated that I read the CERM 95% cover to cover. After making this table of contents, I found that maybe a 1/4 of the book was necessary. I plan on just working problem after problem as I did prior to taking and passing the FE the second time. I'll still run the clock until the end, but I will certainly know even better where everything is in the CERM and my other references. My plan as of right now (this is subject to change between now and the end of this week when I begin studying again) is to work a sample exam and then jump into the Water and Environmental sample problems from the CERM's companion. This will then be followed by working more sample exams encompassing both the AM and PM portions of the exam. My initial scan of the NCEES construction PM portion of the sample exam also revealed a number of very similar problems found on the AM portion of the October exam. The Geotech exam is a bit more of a toss up, as a majority of the afternoon questions are as you would expect, designated for the PM portion. There are however a number of problems that could be found in the AM as they literally take 1-2 minutes to solve.
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