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  1. I'm not seeing the state ID # yet but I just paid the license fee yesterday. Does yours show right below the app #?
  2. MA folks: the results are now in on NCEES and the 'next steps' link only takes you to the Board's homepage. I didn't see any relevant links from there, so I asked a co-worker who said we should get something in the mail from either the state or PCS with license activation & certificate instructions.
  3. I can't verify if there was any lead time between the pending exam information going away and the results coming in as I hadn't checked my PCS page since around 2 PM, then someone posted that the results were in for my state at around 4. However I think I read a few posts from people saying they saw the info go away on one refresh, then with the next refresh the results generated, so it may be relatively low to 0 time difference between the 2 events.
  4. I can say I know how you feel. I still look to make sure that they don't change it to a fail. Congrats. Thanks and congrats on your persistence paying off!
  5. I'm now proud to be part of the 29%. It's a big country, plenty of room for more. good luck engncpa, hope PA comes in before 2014!
  6. Passed Civil Transportation!!! This was my 3rd time so to say I'm feeling quite a bit of relief would be a huge understatement. Also can't stop staring at the PCS page. Congrats to everyone else just getting the good news today! To anyone on the receiving end of bad news, try to dust yourself off and keep at it. I didn't take my first few attempts nearly as seriously as I should have, but putting the time into practice problems, practice exams, and getting familiar with references has paid off.
  7. tal, I think the content of the check boxes varies a little bit state to state. The best indicator I've read on here of results about to show on the PCS account page is the info under pending examinations goes away.
  8. Not on edge anymore, guess it's time for beer and sleep. haha yup exactly. and I'm heading to VT tonight to get myself some pow tomorrow and Sunday! woot woot
  9. thanks for clarifying that Wesson. Not sure how to post pics yet. Well, that news about them shutting down for the day is actually a relief. At least I won't be on edge the rest of the afternoon.
  10. I think I saw someone post that their NCEES account page showed the results a few hours after their PCS page did....which would make sense given that PCS needs to alert NCEES to release results in their system, for that specific state. Technically the PCS page isn't even mentioned as the place to look for results, but as all of us here on the forum know, they show up there first. I wouldn't expect it to be any different on your NCEES page when it shows up there unless someone at PCS really screwed up...like REAL bad.
  11. if you've ever had to log in to PCS to pay for the exam, you have an account with them. I'm sure the steps vary state by state, so you might not have one. If you do, the login will be whatever email you signed up with and the password is your NCEES ID #. @engncpa - Wesson9 said above that the pending examinations menu (right below the check box menu) disappeared before the results came in the area below that. I'm assuming the check box just fills itself out at that point.
  12. I really hope so - or that could be it for today, they only managed to get NJ out yesterday. Once we get to the weekend I'll be fine, but I'm so anxious that my productivity is going to be wrecked for the rest of the day.
  13. I'm going with the option to give them time and space and hopefully something will be out today. Did you check the MA board page for license lookup since the maintenance? hah, yeah the space thing is more mental for me than anything else. And after thinking over (again) the hierarchy of where results should first show up, I agree with you on seeing them on the PCS portal before the board page.
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