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  1. ATL Derek

    Running Career Advice - General

    27. Do what you say you are going to do.
  2. ATL Derek

    Hello from Georgia

    I do not recommend the box lunch the Georgia NSPE sells between exam sessions. Pack your lunch!
  3. That's crazy. But I bet they didn't forget or misplace your application check!!
  4. ATL Derek

    Basic Engr Practice

    You should be in good shape. I only used the MERM, 6MS, and the NCEES practice exam.
  5. ATL Derek

    Basic Engr Practice

    The latter. You will get refreshed on the basic engineering practice simply by working problems. I'm assuming you have the MERM?
  6. ATL Derek

    Could Today be It?

    Just wanted the VMI logo next to Citadel.
  7. ATL Derek

    Did the PE exam significantly change in past decade?

    I do not think the exam has changed very much, but the MERM practice problems are not very representative of the exam. I recommend the NCEES exam books and Six Minute Solutions.
  8. ATL Derek

    Exam Authorizations are out

    You definitely need a water bottle to help with the panic induced dry mouth when they are handing out the booklets.
  9. ATL Derek

    PMP Certification

    Beyond taking a class, how much additional prep time did you put in? I didn't take a class. I just studied Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep book. Each chapter has summary test questions. I read each chapter and took the test at the end of each chapter. Then, leading up to the exam, I just did the summary test questions over and over. The PMP was more memorization because they try to level all disciplines of project management into one philosophy.
  10. ATL Derek

    I aced both Mechanical FE and MS&M PE exams

    I barely passed the FE with a score of 70 or 71 (Virginia gave scores in 2000 but not sure if they do today). And i'm pretty sure 69 was failing. 13 years later I failed the PE (Oct '13). 6 months after failing, I passed. My 2 cents is to focus on problems more than theory. I think the theory will come naturally (in the form of an AH HA moment) as you work more problems. Good luck to everyone taking the exam in Oct!
  11. ATL Derek

    How Some Companies Disrespect The Engineering Profession

    Title's really haven't bothered me, but if the payscale is thrown around loosely, it becomes an issue. If you are getting paid the same as a High School degreed estimator with an engineer's title, it would be a deal breaker.
  12. ATL Derek

    NCEES Practice Exams

    I thought the 6MS and NCEES T&F versions were very similar to the exam questions. Be careful of the MERM questions. They can take you out to left field and leave you.
  13. ATL Derek

    PMP Certification

    Good luck. The PMP is a breeze compared to the PE.
  14. BSME 2000 EIT 2000 PE 2014
  15. ATL Derek

    GA PE Application Approvals / PE Numbers

    The license # was finally issued this morning.