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  1. To those (like me) who experienced the bitter blow of not passing this exam.........take some time off with you family, loved ones, etc..... and then lets get back to the business of trying to pass this exam.
  2. Yeah thanks. I've learned to deal with it. FE took me 5 times, Military advancement exams multiple times. I really am a crappy test taker. That said, I've found that I eventually get it and am not going to give up.
  3. I did the EET review for civil/structural and cannot praise them enough. And just in case you need to feel better about how you did, I just failed for the fifth time. I'm a horrible test taker. I am going to keep taking it until I pass or NCEES tells me I can't take it anymore (ha, not really). Keep your head up!
  4. bflem


    I did the EET course and feel it was very helpful. I will be repeating it. This was my 5th time taking the PE. Took me 5 times to pass the FE. Took me 5 times to pass military advancement exams. I may not be the worlds worst test taker, but I've got to be near the bottom. That being said, I'm getting back on the horse and I am going to pass this exam. Is it demoralizing, yes, embarrassing, yes, character forging, yes, end of the world, no. Congrats again to those who passed, and to those that didn't, let's get back at it.
  5. bflem


    I failed civil/structural.....44/80....ugh. Congrats to those who passed.
  6. Good Morning. I am a repeat exam taker (3 times) Civil/Structural. I am enrolled in EET on-demand and will take exam Oct 17. Looking to plug in with anyone here that may be in a similar boat.
  7. @Dleg, Thanks for the response. That is the same information we still find currently. We talked to a guy that has spent 50 years in the wood preservative industry and he said CCA is still the preferred method of treatment for boardwalk/wetland application. The problem is the contractor sent out an RFI and change order. Since the project is partially DOT funded we have to get their approval. We have corresponded with several folks at the NCDOT and each one passes it on to another. No one wants to stick their neck out.
  8. Is anyone familiar with CCA wood preservative treatment for boardwalk applications? I work for a structural engineering firm in NC. We have designed several miles of pedestrian boardwalks and bridges in three phases. The second phase is beginning construction. The contractor is disputing the use of CCA wood preservative for the guard rails and deck boards. I know the EPA is moving away from CCA in residential applications, but can find no documentation that it can't be used for pedestrian boardwalks. I've searched AWPA and AASHTO and haven't found any clear yes or no. The DOT approved our design drawings without commenting on the preservative. The preservative the contractor wants to use has not been approved by the AWPS but has been approved by the SPIB. Any help is appreciated. thanks.
  9. I tried the engineering videos and did not find them helpful for civil/structural. I'm a repeat taker and failed again this cycle.
  10. bflem

    NC Results are out

    @dvtn, no additional references necessary. just have to fill out the repeat request form. Unless something has changed for Oct 2015 exam.
  11. bflem

    NC Results are out

    Civil/Struc 44/80. ouch, hurts to write
  12. bflem

    NC Results are out

    Yeah, morning really got me this time as well, along with a couple sections in the afternoon.
  13. bflem

    NC Results are out

    yeah already told him. I'm a repeat taker, so the failure gets easier to swallow subsequent times.
  14. Results are out for NC. Failed Civil/Structural. Happy Memorial Day!
  15. The six minute solution structural problems are harder than what you will see on the structural pm, but they are good practice conceptually bc you could see pieces of them as exam questions.
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