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  1. Lol Mike, I know that deep down, you love PCS.
  2. Anybody else here in a PCS state? I haven't been able to login now for quite some time.
  3. B CRF = (25-22)/25 = 0.12 = 12% CMF = 1-(CRF/100) = 1-(12/100) = 0.88
  4. From a design standpoint, the 2004 is adequate (PA still uses this version). However, there were a lot of changes and if you were to get a qualitative question, there'd be the chance you would not be able to find it or it would not be in the 2004 edition. Likewise, I know some things did change that would impact quantitative question outcome. Check out this PDF (scroll down several pages)...
  5. Maybe they will want to buy it now K19...I'm in timeout.
  6. Got busy today and didn't get around to posting...will hopefully get to do so tomorrow.
  7. I have the 2008 one in a PDF...I'll post on Tuesday when I get to work.
  8. Thank you sir! (Meant Goswami and auto correct got me)...I wonder how different 04, 07 and 11 versions of the NCEES practice exam are.
  9. Steal...where did you find the 2004/2007 NCEES exams? Also, what is Godwin's exam? Thanks
  10. I bit the bullet and made the call...talked to a very polite lady and got some insight into the whole ordeal. Here is how I understand the process... When the "PENDING EXAMS" goes away on your PCS page, it basically means they have loaded your score into their system. You will not see PASS/FAIL until all scores have been loaded so they can be released at once. She indicated that PA is one of their largest states and it takes them some time to load them all and ensure none were missed. This would explain why some on this board saw the pending go away and shortly thereafter, they had a score. She said she hopes they are able to release FE/PE by COB Friday. FS/PS for PA have been released.
  11. Still pending for the FE in PA via pcshq website for me Odd...a guy here at work took the FE in Oct in PA and has no pending anymore. I'm still awaiting PE results.
  12. I'm surprised no one has called PCS today...
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