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  1. Anyone has any inform. from Iowa?
  2. How long do we have to wait for the results? Will they release the rest of them today?
  3. How many states are still waiting for the results? I hope that all will come out today.
  4. I've just emailed IA about the PE results and she said that it will be released 6-8 weeks after the exam.
  5. I mean NCEES post the results over the weekend?
  6. Do they release the results on Saturday and Sunday?
  7. What happen to Iowa, they released the results on the 1st day last October? Now is the 3rd day.
  8. peguy

    Day 3, Wake up plz

    They're on vacation today.
  9. peguy

    Day 2: Let's Go!

    day 3.............nothing
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