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  1. I do work in both states. The Connecticut PE exam application is a breeze - only took 1 day to fill out the forms, get 3 PE signatures and 2 other signatures and I was done. No verification of transcripts, sending in calcs, etc. One of my friends is currently working on his Massachusetts PE exam application and it's taking a long time to put everything together. I guess it cost me 2x as much to apply for 2 licenses, etc. but I would definitely do it this way again. Plus I ended up with an NCEES record through this whole process - which may come in handy in the future.
  2. Just got my PE through comity in Massachusetts. Definitely a lot less painless than I thought. I praise Jesus for his grace!!! It took me about 4 weeks to put together my NCEES record application (online process), then 4 weeks after that for all my professional references, to fill out and send in their NCEES forms. My university transcripts, CT PE verification and MA FE verification were sent to NCEES concurrently. It took two days for NCEES to process my record and give me Model Law Engineer status, and then forward my record to PCS. Two days for me to fill out the Massachusetts comity application (for 75% of it I just wrote, refer to my NCEES record). Then I mailed the comity application to PCS who verified everything in one week, and sent it to the Massachusetts PE board for final approval. Then Massachusetts gave me final approval a week later. Now I'm officially a PE in Massachusetts :-) I just have to say the people at NCEES Records are super nice, and were always helpful in answering all my questions. They even let me correct mistakes on my forms multiple times, even after I had submitted them electronically.
  3. CT wall certificates have not been mailed yet either. Just called today and was told it would probably be another month at least
  4. Check out the website www.elicense.ct.gov/lookup/licenselookup.aspx and enter your name and you will see your license number, expiration date, etc. Now I can finally continue the NCEES record process.
  5. I received an email from the Connecticut board the same day I got my result on NCEES telling me that I would receive a licensing packet from the State within 65 BUSINESS days.
  6. Connecticut PCS website has finally been updated...no examinations are now pending. Pending ExaminationsNo examinations are pending.Exam Results Connecticut PE Exam Test Date: 04/11/2014 PassHappy Tuesday
  7. For what states has PCS updated results?
  8. 2 Main Reasons: 1) If you fail the MA PE exam twice - you won't be allowed to take it again until you can show the board that you have taken additional continuing education credits, etc 2) You have to submit a pound of engineering calculations, etc to the board for them to review. They then call you in for an interview where they will grill you on your projects/experience etc. before they let you apply to take the PE exam. (I personally know this girl who fainted during the interview because she got so stressed out.) I did not want the aggravation. If instead you take the exam in CT which does not have any of the above rules and pass, you can then apply for an NCEES (model engineer) record - you then can get reciprocity in Massachusetts without the interview or submitting any work for review.
  9. Thanks for your post emo. I'm exactly in the same boat as you. Anyone who passed the CT PE exam last October care to share how many days it took between being notified you passed the PE exam and actually getting your wall certificate and license number?
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    Passed & Donated...Thanks to RG and everyone else who makes this site happen.
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