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  1. CEM - Certified Energy Manager

    @gatzby I took the five day training course and the test immediately after the first two hours on the 5th day. I would say the test is pretty easy if you just pay attention to the class (I may have studied for 1 hour the entire week outside of class). I am an Energy Engineer at an ESCO and they paid for the training.
  2. Real World Fluids Question

    Typically, I would bring the valve company in to determine what's the best application of valve.
  3. so what's everyone's job?

    Energy efficiency engineer
  4. How many tries before passing?

    Mechanical, first try
  5. NCEES Practice Exam morning HVAC problem

    Was the room's temperature provided? If not, it's safer to use the pressure table.
  6. It depends on space type. Look under the default values column and directly under combined outdoor air rate. Normally the range is 15-20 cfm for most spaces (office, classroom, etc).
  7. Regarding NFPA 90A

    I agree with sycamore. I took the HVAC portion and the only code related stuff I remember were readily accessible via the ASHRAE books.
  8. Florida Results

    I have talked to the Board about renewal. They said the first renewal we do not need continuing education but following renewals we do. We just need to pay the fee when the time comes to renew.
  9. Florida Results

    Woo! Mine came in too
  10. Florida Results

    Cool, hopefully, all of the certificates get out to everyone by the end of this week.
  11. Florida Results

    Same here!
  12. Florida Results

    I still haven't received my certificate as well
  13. Florida Results

    Thanks for the update. I guess they can't decide which they like better... a former coworker of mine has her certificate (2009) in all black ink as well.
  14. Florida Results

    https://www.fleng.org/products.cfm the first one in mahogany. I'm not affiliated with FES, but have heard these are top notch
  15. Florida Results

    Me neither. Let's hope it's coming soon!