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  1. Just called the board office to see what the procedure was moving forward... I was told that exam results would be out the second week of january???
  2. I will not feel right putting P.E. in my title until a number is issued.
  3. PA certs look like they came from a lunch and learn.
  4. BSME: December 2006 MSCEE: december 2013 P.E.: october 2013
  5. I spent time as well.... Money wise I did not ask for reimbursement, my company puts zero importance on the p.e., it is strictly for my résumé. I spent around $500 total for registration, MERM and practice tests. Now if I had failed this time, I probably would have paid for dr. Tom's course.
  6. Just asking those who passed.... For posterity sake, how many hours did you put in for oct 2013 exam? I did ~115 but I would estimate 30 of those were wasted on things that were not on the exam (basic calc, matrix theory, etc) would have been better off if I had watched a few of dr. Tom's YouTube videos beforehand to develop a strategy. Included in that time was taking two separate practice exams.
  7. Is PA license number issued automatically? Do I just wait for the number to be issued, order my stamp and go on my way?
  8. I feel pretty good about the PCS pass result...but still a little skeptical until I see a number issued from the state board.
  9. Pa results are in....I passed mech. Thermo fluids
  10. 120k is good money, but would stink to live on a drill ship or in a man camp. I'm pretty damn happy there is shale in the backyard, and 96k is nothing to sneeze at.
  11. Friday would be nice, if I fail I should be (mostly) over it by christmas.
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