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  1. This is true. But i wouldn't want it any other way.
  2. Why do i add more stuff to the to do list than i take off?
  3. I should get this done spam
  4. don't want to write up report spam.
  5. @NJmike PE These kids don't have any dedication. I remember pushing 100 pages per day. I now understand why the failure rate keeps going up.
  6. Hey @NJmike PE, you gonna do something about the multiple double posts on this page?
  7. Well, most dogs are better than most people.
  8. Good memories right there.
  9. 2045 is my target retirement year. Seems like a really long time.
  10. I kinda miss having the time/energy to play video games.
  11. False bear man. Try again.
  12. Be scared, definitely scared.
  13. @preeb, Welcome to the spam thread. Stay a while and bring your friends.
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