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  1. Let's see if the men's team can also get a win tonight.
  2. I'll take an IPA please.
  3. We're currently alternating between toy story an lion king.
  4. Sounds like construction might be a better fit if that's your long time goal. It might be worth buying a practice exam for both and take them without studying. That might give you a better feel for how much you need to learn for either.
  5. Hahaha, i taught my daughter how to draw a cut-fill diagram like that. Neither one of us remember that crap anymore though.
  6. For the most part, my wife was able to keep the little one away while I studied.
  7. Having a new indirect fired water heater installed today under warranty. My current one started leaking after 10 years. Luckily weil-mclain is honoring their lifetime warranty.
  8. That's what we started off doing too. Now we're just dealing with accidents.
  9. Pretty soon you'll be empty nesting... right?
  10. I also forgot how much laundry a potty training kid goes through.
  11. My toddler just peed on the grass. She was excited that she went like Gideon. (Gideon is our dog)
  12. My 11 y/o and i will follow it.
  13. The power exam is super easy so test takers don't really need to study.
  14. Fried Zucchini flowers are also really good!!
  15. Yes, yes you will those 6 zucchini could easily take over that spot. Not to mention the 72 zucchinis per week you'll be harvesting. You can always save just one of the transplants. Save the healthiest one.
  16. Assuming this isn't an actual question from the actual exam, seems like you're missing information? This is a simple volume question, but you need to know the volume of fluid in the tank. From there, you solve for height using the volume formula for a cylinder.
  17. Leave it to an electrical engineer.
  18. How much time left for the toddler?
  19. Cool, I'll take my potty training kid. She'll fit right in.
  20. An engineering degree was needed for my current job. If you're interested in engineering, there are ways of going to college without too many loans. Have you looked into community college programs? Some offer a 2 Year engineering program and then you transfer to a local 4 years school. This saves ton of money. Or, join the military.
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