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  1. mom was heading to jail, again.
  2. that crack dealer was actually my mother. I hid...
  3. Opps, please excuse my tourettes. Where was I? Oh yeah, dial up modem. So my Dad had to figure a way to upgrade the internet in the trailer.
  4. You see, my Dad was never that smart. He always wanted to be a...
  5. "I'm only with you for your dad's money." Little does she know...
  6. The problem seems to be youtubers claiming it's real.
  7. Were you smart enough to not have kids (I wasn't)? If you have really young ones, you'll learn soon enough that this BS is a real concern. If not for your own kids, it could be for their friends.
  8. Especially when that challenge includes suicide.
  9. Anyone else's kids asking/talking about the "momo" challenge? My 11 y/o told me about it tonight. I had to look it up. Looks like a modern day "bloody mary?"
  10. Banned for thinking Audi was a mod.
  11. it was cold out and the pitched "tent" was embarrassingly small.
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