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  1. Happy Birthday Ble

    you must love sloppy seconds.
  2. Hey From Arkansas

    Welcome @John_Kennedy. Hopefully you'll find gainful employment again soon.
  3. Happy Birthday Ble

    HMFBD ble!
  4. Truth of the matter is...

    TOTM is, I didn't try. Trying is for overachievers.
  5. Truth of the matter is...

    TOTM is, that was too much for me to read.
  6. Telephone

    The drivers stalked the bitches.
  7. Bad advice to previous poster

    Tell her the truth. Hey, she asked. Should I eat my salad for lunch or something else?
  8. I already forgot most of it.
  9. Bad advice to previous poster

    Broken down cars covered with blue tarps. Should I join an "Over 30" soccer league?
  10. What would you do the last week before the exam?

    Don't try that new Mexican restaurant....or do. I spent the week leading up to the exam reading through my binders of notes.
  11. elliptical machine

    We bought an elliptical machine about 12 years ago. It made a great coat rack until we sold it.
  12. LinkedIn Protips

    Oh, sorry, my sarcasm meter must be broken too.
  13. LinkedIn Protips

    I have a location link? Where is said link?
  14. LinkedIn Protips

    @thejulie_PE, you called?