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  1. Let's see if the men's team can also get a win tonight.
  2. I'll take an IPA please.
  3. We're currently alternating between toy story an lion king.
  4. Sounds like construction might be a better fit if that's your long time goal. It might be worth buying a practice exam for both and take them without studying. That might give you a better feel for how much you need to learn for either.
  5. Hahaha, i taught my daughter how to draw a cut-fill diagram like that. Neither one of us remember that crap anymore though.
  6. For the most part, my wife was able to keep the little one away while I studied.
  7. Having a new indirect fired water heater installed today under warranty. My current one started leaking after 10 years. Luckily weil-mclain is honoring their lifetime warranty.
  8. That's what we started off doing too. Now we're just dealing with accidents.
  9. Pretty soon you'll be empty nesting... right?
  10. I also forgot how much laundry a potty training kid goes through.
  11. My toddler just peed on the grass. She was excited that she went like Gideon. (Gideon is our dog)
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