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  1. Basement 2.0

    Looking good RG.
  2. The Pet Thread

    Damn, EG. So sorry to hear about this.
  3. Framing store lost my pencil

    Good thing you didn't burn the place down!
  4. Framing store lost my pencil

    What are you talking about? Ptatohed is likely the one that stole it.
  5. Happy Birthday bigray76 & MetsFan!

    Happy birthday guys...
  6. Happy Birthday FLBuff!

    happy birthday!
  7. What does the Fox say?

    Don't talk like that.
  8. recipe rut....looking for non-slow cooker ideas

    you do realize that huffinton post is fake news? Is meat flavor one of those flavors?
  9. Random Topics 3.1

  10. Random Topics 3.1

    People can do that?
  11. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I read that is was a surprise to the actor. I think the writers are trying to divert from the comics.