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  1. Please count me in! Civil PE - Structural depth.
  2. Congratulations!! Self study...passed...wonderful! I didnt make it this time..Civil-Structural..looks like I was very very close! Enjoy your weekend!
  3. Thank you for responding. Enjoy the moment!
  4. Congrats! May I know what was your score? Trying to get an idea on the passing score...
  5. I spoke with someone from the MD department yesterday. Since the supervisor was OFF to work, they didnt release the results yesterday. I was told it will be happening today. Hoping it to be soon!
  6. I consider that they have not updated... lets keep some hopes!
  7. I am waiting for MD results too! Feeling sick already!!
  8. Does testmaster review course includes materials for structural PM too?
  9. Joining this club.. Got 32 in the morn and 20 in the noon. May have fallen short with 8 points. I did take SoPE and it really helped me for morning. You get 24hrs of review for afternoon (I took structural PM) and I feel more materials required for practice and studying for the depth portion. Any advice on Testmaster's PM material for Depth?
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