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  1. Sold so far: 4. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 5th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0470074688) / $27 / $15 5. Formwork for Concrete Seventh Edition / $260 / $130
  2. Hi everyone, I took and passed the Construction Civil PE Exam back in 2014 and am just now getting around to selling the references. Reference Title / Amazon or other vendor price / my asking price 1. ASCE 7-05 (ISBN 0-7844-0809-2) / $15 / $10 2. Standard Practice for Bracing Masonry Walls Under Construction / $85 at MCAA / $40 3. ASCE 37-2 / $26 / $10 4. Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods, 5th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0470074688) / $27 / $15 5. Formwork for Concrete Seventh Edition / $260 / $130 6. Mike's Civil PE Exam Guide: Morning Session / $30 / $15 - written solutions on the questions 7. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Practice Exam / $30 / $15 8. NCEES Civil Construction Sample Questions ISBN-13: 978-1932613513 / $80 / $40 9. Goswami Civil Engineering PE Breadth and Depth Second Edition / $16 / $10 Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam 10. Transportation Problems – 4th edition – $2 11. Construction – 2nd edition - ISBN-13: 978-1591263708 / $60 / $20 12. Geotechnical – 2nd Edition / $60 / $20 13. CERM 13th Edition / $200 / $100 14. Steel Construction Manual / $130 / $70 15. Construction AM and PM Problems and Solutions for Civil PE License – Shahin Mansour / $70 / $35 16. Handbook of Temporary Structures in Construction Second Edition – $10 17. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures – 14th Edition – $5 18. US Army Corps of Engineers – 15 September 2008 – $20 19. 318M-08: Metric Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete & Commentary 2008 / $180 / $90 20. ACI 347-04 Guide to Formwork for Concrete / $64 / $30 21. 29 CFR 1926 – Construction Industry Regulations – 5$ Around 1300$ worth of books if bought on Amazon (looked on 20NOV16). All items are in at least Acceptable condition (Amazon/Ebay standards) and are not missing any pages, and include all my tabs and notes for the exam. I can send individual pictures on request, package picture attached. Selling whole lot – around $700 + shipping if bought separate – I prefer to sell the entire lot for $650 + shipping (can do USPS or FedEx), O.B.O. Payment via PayPal prior to shipment. If bought as a set I will package all items in a large rubber tote with packing material (no charge for the tote). I did a cursory look at USPS and it'll likely cost around 100$ for shipping (give or take). I lugged all this stuff in a suitcase to the exam and am just now cleaning them all out! After taking the exam I’ve moved onto another field so do not require the resources. I’m hoping they will go to the next Engineer and serve them well during the exam as they did me! Thanks for looking! Andrew Hill
  3. HAHA! Yes, I totally forgot about the "there you have it" and how frustrating that was. Maybe I was trying to repress that memory ...
  4. I took the Civil/Construction this April and I passed (whew!). I took the School of PE review course. Overall I thought the course was great. However, I have to disagree with almost everyone here about the quality of the Construction portion instructor. The material he covered was fine, but his actual teaching abilities were pretty bad compared to the other instructors. I actually wrote SoPE and gave some timeframes of the videos that display how poorly he taught. Maybe it's an unfair criticism, but the other instructors were leagues above him in terms of relating to the student / answering questions / understanding what students were asking. Juxtaposing him with the Geo instructor for example, and you'll see a WORLD of difference. He seemed to be uncomfortable deviating from his scripted teaching methods and I found that he had trouble keeping up with student's questions. Quite frequently he didn't even understand what they were asking. Multiple times I would almost yell into the monitor "She's not asking that, she's asking about THIS!". That being said, I can't imagine a better review course out there. I did the "Mansour" book course, which was a bit more helpful on the conceptual stuff. I thought Goswami All-in-One was a waste of time, although his example tests were GREAT! I took all the sample exams I could find, and when the test came it was harder than expected. But ... to each his own, people I know who have passed have only used the Goswami book and CERM, no review course. Just my two cents! Andrew
  5. Currently building references to study for April 2014 exam, but have a few questions I thought someone might be able to help answer! 1. For NDS Wood Design, 2005 or 2012? NCEES website says 2005 but seems like it would have been updated by now? 2. Steel Construction Manual, 13th or 14th edition? I have the 13th edition from undergrad, tabbed, and noted. Also NCEES says 13th edition, but I read that some people get the 14th edition. Any thoughts on the differences that might affect an exam taker? 3. ACI 318-08. I currently have ACI 318M-08 from my undergrad, tabbed and noted. I think the M just means "metric". Is this going to be a huge issue or can I just convert? 4. OSHA 29CFR 1926. I see a 2008 and 2012 version on Amazon, any thoughts not the differences? I've been skimming the forums and see some good stuff on other references, but was quite worried about all these "version" questions based on the NCEES reference list. Thanks for any help!! Andrew
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