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  1. Yes, I received an email on June 12: "Your Delaware PE application for licensure was approved on June 11, 2014. Please follow the instructions in the attachment to complete licensure requirements. We must have an impression of the approved size and type of embossed seal (not a rubber stamp), and the license fee indicated to complete the licensure process. Details are in the attached letter" The attachment goes on to say how they need an additional $56.25 to actually become an engineer. I would give them a call if you haven't heard anything.
  2. It appears to be a few times through out the day for the PE Roster.
  3. Yes, my name actually showed up on the DE Roster before NCESS showed a pass. But they were in minutes of each other.
  4. First time pass in Geotech. The Delaware roster was actually updated with my name before I got the NCEES email.
  5. Got the email from Delaware now and NCEES updated.
  6. No email and NCEES still says pending but I have been refreshing the Delaware Roster all day. I saw a few were added, searched for my name and there I was!
  7. That is exactly what is happening to me. So when I go back through the list it looks like I got a majority of them wrong, even though I can only remember about 20 in the first place.
  8. This was my first time taking the PE. The morning was pretty much what I expected it and I'm hoping for 35/40. The afternoon geotech really wasn't anything like the practice exams I took and I was caught off guard. I'm hoping for 25/40 but I'm worried it might be closer to 20. Has anyone on here taken the geotech PM more than once? Was this spring's exam comparable to the others or was it out of the norm? Thanks
  9. Yes I found the SOPE helpful. I never took a formal structural or transportation course in college so those were especially helpful. Probably the most useful thing is telling you what you need to study. And the notes are worth their weight in gold. The afternoon notes are very good as well. But they 8 hours of review for the afternoon was just that- a review. There's no way they could teach you your afternoon depth in 8 hours.
  10. All good points. I actually took the NCEES 2008 exam this morning and feel much better about the morning session. I was able to use my school of PE notes to answer most of the questions. I got 19/20 with time to spare. The afternoon geotech was a real eye opener though. I ran out of time and only answered 13/20 questions correctly. Although I did guess at the end and raised my score to 15/20. At least I know what to focus on the next two weeks!
  11. I just received an email from NCEES at 10:11 am
  12. Just to update my thread about Delaware in case anyone is looking for info in the future. The advice to call them was great. I had to call them twice, once to get them to acknowledge they had my application and then once to actually have them reveiw it. Each time I called they were very polite and friendly but the woman always seemed to be like "Oh yea I see it here, huh" And then later that afternoon my status would magically change and I would move forward in the process. I had the distinct impression that if I hadn't called I wouldn't have been approved for Spring. I feel like because I applied later than most people I was outside the main batch of applications going through the process.
  13. I'm getting down to the wire and the Lindberg practice exam is showing that I am pretty weak in strucutral (which I already knew). I saw a recomendation for Hicks Civil Engineering Handbook, about 400 pages that I think is mostly equations: Then I saw he has another book which is about 800 pages and appears to be solved example problems. The look inside on Amazon shows quite a few good structural examples solved. I'm thinking it could be a lifesaver if I can find an example if a problem is completly foreign to me. I am taking the geotech afternoon session and feel like I am set for reference material. So any thoughts? These books would be mainly for structural and transportation morning sections. I don't care about the money but I don't need a wasted reference that I'm not very familar with slowing me down either. Thanks
  14. Hi, I submitted my PE application in Delaware last week towards the end of the Nov 1 cutoff. Now I am obsesively checking the website for status updates. Can anyone give me an idea of how long it takes for DE to work through the applications? Just trying to get an idea if it will be by Christmas or is March more realistic? Also debating a review course so if I'll get word in a few weeks I may hold off, but if it's not going to come until March I may as well sign up now. Thanks, Travis
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