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  1. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    I hope you dont sit on a leather chair.
  2. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    calm down Davy Jones.
  3. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    I am out for next the game.
  4. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    Thank you @LyceeFruit PE for modding. And once again goddamit @Roarbark
  5. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    He drew enough suspicion from others later on.
  6. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    We didnt lynch you 1st night because we knew the doc would save you as you cast the deciding vote against mafia.
  7. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    Well then we got lucky just like y'all.
  8. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    Its just the timing of your vote change. You probably investigated me.
  9. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    How can you save someone who didn't need saving..... SUSPISH
  10. Our office allowed people to take their desk chair if needed. See if you office will allow.
  11. NikR_PE

    EB Mafia

    Playing mafia is like playing monopoly. Only true friends prevail.
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