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  1. I think the time line is the same whether you are in state or out of state. This thread will be a good guide
  2. Florida man arrested after troopers find high-tech, toll-dodging license plate shield
  3. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because 4th of July is coming and you should not be near fireworks
  4. The mailman just delivered the cable bill. A lot of mature content ordered on there. 🙄 There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme, a fully-functional TV, and bill for $200 in the pile.
  5. I bring an old TV for his entertainment but unfortunately its only stuck on the infomercial channel. There is now an incarnated @ChebyshevII_PE, 9 servings of prison-loaf, ($401.75) and infomercial playing TV in the pile.
  6. I too did it full time. But I have known people who have done it part time from good universities. Its when you do not want to reduce your paycheck and the research is usually related to your day to day work.
  7. I am assuming 23and1 wants a part time PhD while having a full time job. Hence they would have to get funded by the company. If they are in fact talking about quitting their job and enrolling in a full time PhD option, then they should be able to get RA from the university.
  8. Love my morning caffeine. Mondays are the best.
  9. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    banned for holding @ChebyshevII_PE to high standards.
  10. NikR

    EB Mafia

    ok. Now 11 to go.
  11. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for making inaccurate assumptions.
  12. That's for sending a subtle message to the person you don't like.
  13. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for suggesting the obvious.
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