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  1. NikR

    EB Mafia

    I am in, but seems like it better to hold off until after exams. Good luck @tj_PE.
  2. NikR

    Predictive Text

    Night before I got that night I was in a room and he said he was up for a day
  3. Man you seem to be a master at that. Life would be simple if I had that skill.
  4. I totally agree. When I used to do it, i was eating the same thing the whole week because it is difficult to cook in small batches.
  5. NikR

    EB Mafia

    Why would it be any different?
  6. That depends whether you live in the city or the burbs. I live in the suburbs, so no such issues.
  7. I usually go to the public library. They have quiet rooms you can reserve.
  8. This is tricky. My answer is none. Many of these conceptual questions build on your understanding of the topic/concept, unless you have experience in that area. The questions I encountered could not be found anywhere but if you know the underlying concept then you could figure it out. CERM, in my opinion, covers wider (and sometimes deeper) concepts than any class notes. It helped me with some of these questions. However, these conceptual questions cannot be relied on for passing. They could be a hit or miss. I would focus on passing the exam from the standard expected type questions which the class notes (I used EET) cover pretty well. And if you have extra time left to think about these questions, then you can try to figure out or deduce from CERM.
  9. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned for having a suggestive profile image.
  10. NikR

    Forum Banning Game

    Banned because seems like it was aimed at you.
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