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  1. The best material to prep/study for the Chem FE would be the Chemical Discipline specific FE Review for the FE Exam 2nd Edition by Richards, Lopina and Lindeburg. Also i have heard that the best way to see if you are ready for the actual exam is to take the NCEES online discipline specific practice exam. The practice problems on there are the closest you can get to the actual thing.
  2. Congrats Ruskyline!. that is awesome news. Also makes me feel more confident to hear that you passed on your third time. I will be taking the exam for my third time too in January. Ive been studying off those same books you mentioned and I also purchased the FE Civil online practice exam. How did you do on the Civil practice exam, is it also timed like the actual exam/? Also did you find the second part of the actual exam at about the same difficulty lieve as those in the practice books? Did you have neough time to complete every problem?
  3. Thanks!!! Do you know what we need to score to pass the exam?
  4. Ruskyline how long have you been out of school. I have been out of school for 6 years. Any tips on exam day since you have already taken the cbt version
  5. How was the civil CBT exam. I will be taking it in January. It will be my first time taking the CBT exam, third time overall and really hoping to pass this time too. First two times i took general, and for my third time decided i will be taking the civil discipline. i have been studying about 4 hours a day for past 2 weeks. And will be studying every day until my exam. Any advice? Thanks! Sergio
  6. Wowwww school of PE will set me back about $1200 ???.
  7. Good luck ryno. Hope you passed. Definitely will look into one of these courses. Studying on my own didn't work for me. Hopefully next time I pass this test
  8. Thanks Dana. I haven't heard of testmasters but will also look more into it
  9. Thanks Matt267. Any idea what grade passing was this time around?
  10. Thanks John Q. Will def look into school of PE. Iceman I have been out of school since 2007. It is pretty tough.
  11. Oh ok. We were both close in passing. I will take this exam next year, maybe after I hear from people of how the cbt fe exam was. Im a bit worried about it.
  12. I got 118 out of 240...or a 49.2 %. How did you calcultate 114/240 to be a 69%
  13. Does that mean you got 166 correct out of 240??
  14. If you failed what was your score? Mine was 118/240
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