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  1. I still can't get over the woman that thought she was in love with one of the inmates. Really?
  2. It's Friday and I have a baseball game to attend! Beeeeeeeeeerrr
  3. former engineering student
  4. THIS! I cringe every time I see one of those "Who can get this right or I'm unfriending" PEMDAS tests. Really, just go back to school already if you cannot remember the order of operations. It makes me wonder how these idiots would do with a basic foiling problem.
  5. I thought there was until I noticed what YMZ said...
  6. I have both! I plan to laminate mine at home since I use mine to laminate my half marathon bibs. Do they send a new one out every two years? My pocket card has an expiration date for September of this year...
  7. There's a group on LI? Ooh, I see lots of names... I'm almost tempted to friend the girl in there. Wait, is that creepy? HAHAHA
  8. You guys are too hard to find on linked in....
  9. what if they are contacts... Good question, but I'm not sure that I have EB contacts. If I do happen to have some, they're a mystery to me!
  10. Similar to what others have said, I only accept it they are in a similar field, I know them in real life or if it's a recruiting agent. I've had people request to connect and they're in completely different fields in a different country, those get the 'ignore' button.
  11. This is right near UC Berkeley too - literally walking distance away. As much as we try to design with redundancies, there is no way to say, "let's design this small balcony for 13 full grown adults." I saw the news article this morning and I was saddened to read about a tragedy happening a mere 15 minute drive away. This is also eerily similar to the stage collapse that happened at a high school:
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