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  1. Does anyone know how long it typically takes NCEES to review a work experience entry? I am transmitting them to NCEES as I finish them, and now I'm concerned because the application is due December 17th and I'm not sure on the amount of time it takes NCEES to review the entry before forwarding onto a supervisor.
  2. I just passed in Nevada but don’t have my four years yet. I live in Colorado and will be submitting my application for Nevada later this year. Regarding experience, it looks like you usually put in months, but how do you count your time if you left a job earlier in a month? How precise do you need to be when doing the work experience?
  3. Does NV send out results in mail as well?
  4. Nevada is in, 11:56 MT. Took me five days to check, but I passed!
  5. I will not be looking until after vacation so earliest June 4th 😬
  6. kimberly9

    Guess the date!

    Will that affect the scoring?
  7. kimberly9

    Guess the date!

    Seems like it is taking a few more days than previous cycles. Is this any indicator of the pencil issue or of test performance?
  8. Everyone says this to me, including my mom and co-workers. And I’m like well you weren’t there I don’t feel good about how I did. And being positive is fine and all but the results are what they are.
  9. kimberly9

    This Week...

    I blocked all emails from NCEES. Would rather hear about it through the forum and not jump out of my seat every time my email dings.
  10. kimberly9

    This Week...

    I walked out feeling like I probably didn't pass due to all of the guesses I made. It does suck, already looking into other ways to use an engineering degree
  11. kimberly9

    This Week...

    Maybe results will be released. Does anyone else just have a constant sick feeling whenever thinking about the exam? I can't even look forward to my vacation because I have this dark cloud hanging over my life...
  12. kimberly9

    Guess the date!

    I have a trip to Hawaii coming up on 5/26, and don’t think I am going to check results until I return. I don’t want to ruin my trip if I don’t pass...
  13. Definitely not at work. Will check at home for sure...
  14. Well I just had a heart attack so I’m glad it isn’t legit.
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