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  1. I received me letter yesterday and this morning they released the results on the ncees site. Seeing "pass" never gets old.
  2. So the ncees site still shows results pending any idea how long it takes for that to be updated.
  3. lehman4

    Pass Rate

    Has anyone seen anything on the overall pass rates for the April 2014 test? I passed civil transportation but I have seen that even a 56/80, 70% was a fail.
  4. Civil, Transportation, 1st try, PASS!!!!
  5. I felt the morning section was reasonable. I skipped three while working my way through but found the right equations for them when I went back. The afternoon transportation section was harder than the ncees practice test but not outside of what I studied for. I feel like I found a suitable answer for each question. Of the questions I remembered and checked after the test it reinforced my guesses. I went back through each question checking the equation and the calculations 3 or 4 times and left an hour early in the morning and 20 minutes early in the afternoon. I feel like I could have gotten 70+ right but don't want to get ahead of myself. But I feel good about 4 months of studying
  6. I have read a lot on here about rating the questions 1, 2, and 3 according to difficulty and going through the test in 3 passes. I am now finding that the questions are gouped by topic in the AM and think it would save more time to complete one area at a time to minimize flipping through the CERM and changing my train of thought. For the afternoon I haven't decided on a plan yet but I hope I can just go straight through and maybe save 2 or 3 that will take the most time for the end. Any thoughts?
  7. I did the Lindeburg sample exam for the 10th edition CERM. The problems definitely took longer than the NCEES test but I did skip a few that were way too in depth for an AM question. It took around 3hrs and I skipped 5 or 6 so I think there will be time during the exam to review my answers and hopefully catch any stupid mistatkes. I don't plan on leaving the test room until the full time is up unless I really fly through and feel good about it.
  8. I did this practice test 2 weeks ago about an hour left in the morning and maybe 30 minutes but I didn't go back and double check anything. I missed 4 in the morning and the afternoon, for a 72/80. Anyone taken this practice test previously and the PE test? I know it's maybe by the NCEES but to me it seemed almost too easy. I hope the real test is similar but I'm trying to prepare for the worst.
  9. I am taking the PE test in April and have the 2001 version of this book but am not confident in it being 2 editions old. I can't find one for sale anywhere other than the AASHTO website for $240. Does anyone have one they don't need and are willing to sell? Send me a PM. Also, could I get by will the 2001 edition or am I correct in assuming that it's a lost cause?
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