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  1. That's unfortunate. I was hoping there would be another source of quality practice problems. Currently have NCEES, Graffeo, Spin-ups, and Complex for my resources. Guess, I'll just stick with those books. Anyways, thanks for your input.
  2. I noticed that there is a new edition of 'Power Practice Exams for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam, 2nd Edition by John A. Camara, PE'. Description of the new edition from the ppi website states: New Edition. The Most Realistic Practice for the Electrical and Computer PE Power Exam Power Practice Exams for the Electrical and Computer PE Exam provides comprehensive practice for the NCEES Electrical Principles and Practice (PE) Power exam. This book contains two realistic, full-length exams, each with 80 multiple-choice problems. All exam topics are covered, from circuit analysis to applications of codes and standards. Consistent with the actual exam, the problems in Power Practice Exams require an average of six minutes to solve. Enhance your time-management skills by taking each exam within the same eight-hour time limit as the actual exam. Then, evaluate your performance using the answer keys. Comprehensive step-by-step solutions to quantitative problems demonstrate accurate and efficient problem-solving approaches. Qualitative solutions explain the correct answers and present related supportive information. It appears from the description that the problems are more 'in line' with the NCEES style problems i.e. 6 minute solutions problems. Has anyone had a chance to review this new edition? How are the problems difficulty wise?
  3. Texas gets a scaled score. I assume he/she is located in Texas.
  4. Wow, maverick... you pretty muched aced this exam! 91%? that's a pretty high score.
  5. ali1361, First and foremost, I would recommend you work in an engineering firm for some years to obtain valuable experience in consulting. Perhaps, stay with a company until you are a project manager or in a low level management position to learn the ins and outs of how to build client relationships, preparing request for proposals, estimating, bidding on work, and the project awarding process. Obtaining clients depends on the type of industry you are in. Are you interested in commercial developments (strip malls, office buildings), government infrastructure (federal buildings or military bases), consulting for utilities - (substation designs, etc)? Your question is very broad. Running a business is difficult; it is extremely tough to compete with the large engineering firms. Your best approach is to team up with other like-minded engineers and perhaps start a MEP firm or a firm that only specializes in one discipline. Build relationships with local entities and get your name out there. If you are specifically asking how to start an engineering business, I hate to break to you but you are in over your head on this subject.
  6. Thanks for your response. It appears that is the route I will take. The Alabama exam testing site appears to be the closest distance travel wise so it will make the most sense for me to take it there.
  7. This last attempt, I took the online refresher course offered by the SchoolofPE. I started studying in January up until three days prior to the exam date. I used the SchoolofPE material, GT online course binder that I bought from someone off these boards, Complex Imaginary sample exams, NCEES exam book, and studied some chapters from the Wildi book. I practiced working problems, and put a lot more effort in this last attempt. I felt I was better equipped for this exam, but I can't still shake off the feeling that I did poorly on it. Well with my work schedule, wife expecting twins later this year, and a toddler already; my time is pretty occupied. I just don't foresee myself having the time to take 12 credit hours of college classes. And financially, I wouldn't be able to take time off from work to fulfill the 12 hrs credit requirement. So I would have to take evening classes and that would take me at least two or three semesters to complete if I was to take 3 - 6 hrs each semester. I appreciate your response. I may try to apply for a neighboring state, sit out the following and hopefully can sit for the exam next April.
  8. I am having a bad feeling about the recent exam. I took the Electrical - Power in Georgia for the fourth time and there's a good chance I may have not passed it. Georgia is one of those states that require 12 additional graduate level college courses before being able to apply to take the exam again. As my current situation, I just don't have the time currently to take college courses, and just wanted to see what my options would be. Can I apply to take the exam in a neighboring state? say Alabama, South Carolina, or Tennessee? and then apply for comity in my home state later? I'm sure my home state would still probably require me to take the additional 12 hrs before being licensed in Georgia which I feel I would have time to do so several years from now. All of this may be a moot point once I find out my results. However after giving it a couple weeks to digest, I am now having a horrible feeling about my potential results. I did not felt good after the exam, and pretty much felt that this last exam was more difficult than the previous exams I have attempted. Anyone that has been in my predicament, care to share your experience and what steps you took to get licensed after failing four times?
  9. Post your score, exam taken, and state. I'll start: 48/80 Power - GA Did I missed it by a few points? This was my my 3rd time taking it, I have one more shot.
  10. Failed. Congrats to all that passed. Unfortunately, I won't be celebrating.
  11. Afternoon was brutal. Would be lucky if I got 50% correct in the PM. However, I felt really good about the morning session. My confidence was way up after the AM, however after 30 minutes into the PM session, I was feeling frustrated and probably wasted a lot of time looking in my references for that "magic" formula. Also, 45 - 60 minutes into the exam; I noticed a fellow Power exam taker (saw his big red NEC 2011 handbook) packed his stuff and left the exam room. Not sure if he aced it or he just left out of frustration?
  12. I don't have any issues with NEC questions. I've tabbed my NEC like crazy and most times can locate what I need. From what I can remember, there were at least 5-6 NEC questions on the last exam. What I struggle with are questions that seem pretty basic in what they are asking, however I still have difficulty in choosing the correct answer. If the whole test was calculation type problems, I feel I can pass with flying colors. However when they throw in these conceptual type "word" problems, I tend to struggle.
  13. I will be taking the PE Power exam for the second time next Friday. I find that I can do a majority of problems that require any sort of calculations fairly quickly, and feel confident in my answer. However, what I struggle with on the previous April exam and on some of the sample exams that I've tried (Complex Imaginary and NCEES) are the conceptual style questions. These type of questions seem to be of the sort where you either know the answer or you don't. On my first attempt in April, I answered the calculations type problems in the morning and afternoon session in about ~1.5hrs and spent the remaining time looking through my notes/references to try to answer the conceptual type questions. I've been studying theory/concepts for the past 2 months to better improve in this aspect, but I feel I am still having a difficult time with these type of questions. What are some tips when answering these type of questions? How can I improve myself? Also, I wish I had found this message board earlier.
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