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  1. Hello, I just received my certificate Saturday. By the way, I called FBPE regarding the renewal thing, since I just passed on October 2016, I don't have to renew. I checked the DBPR website and my expiration date is 2019. Hope this helps. Oscar.
  2. Power Electrical - Passed First time. Eight years out of school. Self-study. Married with one year old baby. Full time job, utility industry. Total study time way over 300 Hours, spread over a 4.5 months period, 40% of time on theory,60% of the time on problem solving. Did over 900 problems, including, NCEES test example (repeated three times), Complex Imaginary four test set (one time), Complex Imaginary NEC code book (about 100 questions) Alexander Graffeo book (repeated twice), and SOPE practice problems (about 40) for NEC, and about 30 for electric machines from a pdf file a friend gave me also from SOPE. Also watched a lot of youtube videos for Symmetrical components, Transmission line problems. Complex imaginary youtube videos are the best for understanding the basic things. highly recomended. Test strategy: 10-8-1. Meaning, breaking down the test on 8 mini tests, 1 hour each.Completing 10 questions every hour, NO MATTER WHAT! and making sure to get 8/10 right on that hour. if I was not sure on the 8/10 rate, I will do an educated guess on the remaining two questions of each mini test. I married this strategy, did no deviate it from it at all. I was focus, and commited to my strategy, no matter what. In some of the what I called mini tests, if I will answer all questions in less than one hour, and will write the remaining time on a piece of paper as a way of banking it, in order to use it later at the end of the AM section. I used a $15 Chronometer watch from Walmart, and set it/re-set it at the top of each each hour to stay on track. I finished the entire test AM and PM section with entire time to review some of the most difficult problems. Before Passing the PE, I failed the FE three times, and wanted to make sure to pass the first time. It worked for me. Hope this helps.
  3. Self Study EE Power, PASSED. Graffeo Book, went over it twice. Did all problems twice. This was my bible, my everything. Complex Imaginary, did all 4 practice test. Watched their YouTube videos at least 5 times each. dissected all the information. NCEES practice test, repeat at least three times. Some Material from school of PE....not very good for Power PE,but excellent for FE electrical. complete write up coming up
  4. Yes, thats right. Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Stephen Chapman The transformer, auto transformers, induction motors, generators is very good on this book. I answer all Auto Transformer questions using this book. Specifically Buck and Boost mode. It was so confusing before, but this book made easy.
  5. I knew, I was right. Just my results. Passed, PE Power. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Yes, I can. I am planning on doing a whole write up, from my strategy to books, and so on. However, I can tell you, that the best and absolute indispensable book for this test is Alexander Graffeo. Electrical Engineer's guide to passing the power PE Exam. This book was my bible, my day to day study guide. I went over this book twice, from first page to last, without skipping anything. In my opinion, without this book, it is impossible to pass the Power PE test. I also, used, NEC, NESC, Camara, Stevenson, Complex Imaginary practice tests (all four test), NCEES practice test, and Chapman book for electric machines. During the test 90% of the time, I used Graffeo . Like I said, a write up a full description of what I did is coming up, hopefully this weekend. You can do it, believe in yourself, it a long, tedious process, but if you stick to it, you will pass. more to come.
  7. +1. Yes, I will. Just passed, Florida ,PE Power.
  8. Congratulations! here in Florida, I happy to report that I also passed, PE Power.
  9. trochreo

    Pony up....

    lol....I been screaming for the last hour or so, trust me, I getting drunk right now. trust me, I have not words right now.
  10. Congratulations! and honor to you for never giving up!
  11. Hello, I am so high on the news that I passed, that I can't write very well at the moment, But I promise I will do a complete write up of everything I did, and did not do to pass.
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