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  1. I took the FP PE because of the reasons stated above. I work at a MEP firm and I do both mechanical and fire protection work. Other reasons: The Feds require it, I learned the subject in depth while studying for the exam, and most importantly it will give me leverage with employers concerning salary/promotions. Someone a few years back gave me some good advice about engineering: "You get paid for what you know, not what you do" The opposite of most jobs.
  2. Mike in Gastonia, I just saw him standing outside in the morning with it, not sure if he even made it through the door with it. I lost him when the herd of 400 people tried to fit through the entrance doors. Some year I just want to go and watch, seems pretty entertaining if one wasn't focused/worried about passing the test.
  3. I took the Fire Protection PE this past Friday in San Diego. I had previously taken the Mechanical PE 2 years ago so I thought I had seen it all the first time. The typical people getting kicked out, people rolling in with Little Red Wagons, 4-5 milk crates on a dolly, people showing up without calculators because they thought they were provided, etc. Then I saw a guy walking in with........ his own chair on Friday! Genius! I don't think it is against the rules but I'll bet anyone $20 personal chairs are banned from April's Exam.
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