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  1. I guess we aren't getting NYS PE numbers for Christmas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I called the board to make this inquiry and was informed we could see updates as soon as next week *fingers crossed* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Civil-Structural here. I didn't make the cut for April 2016. I immediately realized that I didn't focus properly for the depth. I reviewed my diagnostic report and went with the EET structural depth review course. It helped immensely with determining what was important and what was overkill. I walked out of the exam feeling very confident. Both the morning and afternoon sessions I finished 20-30 minutes early and had time to go back and review some of the questions I marked that needed another look. I passed this October. Keep your chin up and keep studying. Practice problems and good organization go a long way. Same here Well said Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Passed the 4th attempt at Structural PE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. khusaibi_PE


    I got email notification @ 3:06PM NY State Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. As of the business day of the 5th of Dec. the NYS PE Database was updated (License # Lookup), but one cannot be sure if that's Oct '16 examinees or previous passing PE candidates (comity or otherwise) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Any advice on how to get earlier editions of NCEES (Civil/Structural) practice problems? I have the latest few editions that were available going back a year - but nothing earlier as mentioned on EB sometimes
  8. I failed twice before I passed and I will breakdown how I approached the exam each time (in summary) until I passed: First Run: I gathered way too many practice problems from the other focuses and none on my actual focus of construction. - I had the six minute solutions to each one except construction because it didn't exist at the time - I had random civil pe exams that I found online In other words I was very prepared for the morning but not at all for the afternoon save for having some of the codes. I had based my assumptions on the exam after taking the NCEES practice exam thinking yeah I got this ( I was very wrong). Taking the actual exam I thought the morning was a breeze and the afternoon crushed me and it showed in my diagnostic. I also had been studying somewhere in the realm of 200 hours. Second Run: I licked my wounds and came up with a plan. I knew I needed to really bring my construction knowledge so I bought everything from "" in the form of review manuals and practice problems and then I bought every spec ( yes this got expensive). I studied about 100 hours (I had alot of stuff with my house hit me before the exam I had to deal with) and I also did 580 practice problems. Going into the exam I felt much more prepared and felt pretty good about both sections. I failed again but my score was much higher. This one hit me pretty hard but I eventually shook it off. Third Run: After going through the EB boards and asking for some advice I got some great tips from @John QPE and took the review class offered by EET. I am here to tell you that for the price this class cannot be beat. I took both the sections offered through the on demand option and it was great. Including class time I had about 158 hours and I did 845 problems this go around, it paid off because I finally got that pass notification! Sorry for the long spill I have been at this a long time but in summary here's advice from someone who has failed multiple times and finally passed. - Buy/borrow every spec/code the NCEES reccommends - Also buy the NCEES practice exam they offer in your discipline - Buy/borrow every book the NCEES practice exam quotes in the solutions section (no these are not on the official list but I swear you won't be disappointed). Just trust me when you get a question and your like where the f*ck did that pull that from you will know if you have the right books. - Take at least the depth portion of exam review offered by EET. These guys will make you think of stuff you didn't even know would be on the exam. They are also lightning fast with responding to emails if you have questions. - If your taking construction or transportation I heavily suggest also looking at "", it's a great site and has some valuable study material. Thanks for taking the time to write this.m, only thing I'm missing from your experience is the depth portion for structural which is finally offered by EET this cycle - and the books referenced by NCEES, I'll make sure to keep that in mind going forward
  9. Failed at the second attempt (Civil/Structural) with a much smaller margin than my first. Gonna keep at it and hopefully the 3rd time will be the charm
  10. I checked my e-mail, and I had one of these e-mails from PPI dated the day after the exam (which was halloween) so I wouldn't put much weight on those e-mails. It does make you a bit paranoid though! I hope I'm just being paranoid, it's my second go and I don't remember if I've received anything similar in the mail.. Again it could be seasonal discount thing in time for the April '16 exam
  11. How worried should I be if I received an ASCE PE review pamphlet in the mail? Granted they used my student info from back my grad school days

    How was the Civil PE Exam Structural Depth? Did the EET course help? what references did you use? Hope it went well. Thank you.

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