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  1. Florida woman grabbed boyfriend’s privates — and didn’t let go until there was blood, cops say
  2. I work at a steel mill, so I can vouch that metallurgy is alive and well. The research groups have employees with doctorates in the field.
  3. Did anyone see the Starbucks cup while watching? I don't watch the show, but I read about it today and am wondering how obvious it really was.
  4. I missed this I agree that E can be a correct solution. I say that G cannot work because the center block of the top view would need to be clear to be correct.
  5. I think there's more than one answer
  6. I stand by my answer based on the bottom left square in arrangement E - shouldn't it be clear?
  7. E - assuming that the side view shown is the elevation of the right side of the front view.
  8. Is that the language of dolphin or goose?
  9. aog

    Flat Earthers

    The flat earth is the real reason global warming is such a problem. If the earth warms too much, then Antarctica won't stay cold enough to keep the masses from discovering the truth. Once Antarctica is warm, then any regular person can travel to the edge. Right now it's so cold that only those who are insiders can get there.
  10. aog

    Flat Earthers

    Anyone who is a flat-earther and basing that position on the Bible is mislead. Here are two interesting (to me at least) pages regarding whether the Bible teaches the earth is flat. They both explain that the Bible does not take a position on the flat/spherical debate. The longer article explains the history of the misconception on the topic. Shorter article: Longer article:
  11. I have had to replace GFCI outlets that went bad. My experience was that the they would not reset, so my GFCI tester did not show the hot/neutral reversed.
  12. Sell your house and start speaking with an Australian accent. I want to post more on EB. Is the "Forum Banning Game" a good place to start?
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