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  1. Thank you so much for the answers guys! Very insightful. I have another question I hope some people could chime in on. I'm in a favorable situation where I can complete the Masters degree in a short time, and get some of it paid for. I NEED to pick a concentration. It's required. There is some course overlap between the different disciplines, but not much. My question is, if I get a Masters in Structural, can I still enter the other fields? Will it be a big problem? Will they ask me during the interview what my Masters Concentration was, and if it's not in what I'm interviewing for, I'll have no chance for the job? Also, later on down the road in my career, will the concentration of my grad degree matter? Thanks.
  2. Hello. I am an aspiring Structural Engineer. I have finished up a bachelors in Civil, Structural Emphasis and am getting ready to do a Masters. Before I go 'all in', I have a question. From what I have heard from some professors and some other sources, it leads me to believe that the Structural Engineering profession is very stressful and the hours are very long, like 60 hrs/week on a regular basis. That design checks are a luxury. How true is this? Are structural engineers under constant stress? Much more so than the other type of Civils? I would really like to hear some opinions from SEs, or people who know them or work with them. I realize the market isn't exactly exploding right now because I have not been able to get an internship or even interview, so unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any real world experience. I do not mind working hard. I actually am a 4.0 Civil Engineering student, but I don't want to live in the office. I also welcome challenges, but do not want a job with an extreme amount of stress.
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