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  1. TEXAS IS OUT!!! OUT OF THEIR MINDS for being late!!!!!!!
  2. samiam9005

    Guess the date!

    you're wrong. I'll be watching the movie 21 on the plane and I'm pretty sure that movie is "Based on True Story"
  3. samiam9005

    Guess the date!

    it can't be next week. I already bought a ticket to Vegas this friday for celebration.... If I pass the PE exam, I'd probably gamble and trust my card counting skillz (trust me I'm an engineer!) but if I didn't pass, I'll re-deposit my money in the bank!!! SO I REALLY I NEED TO KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  4. samiam9005

    Guess the date!

    I think forks are ready... for stabbing purposes.
  5. Bachelors at A&M and Master's at UT. But my heart belongs to Aggieland.
  6. Yuck. SAW 'EM OFF!
  7. E) ask him to stamp his PE license on it.
  8. I wasn't expecting any reaction. I was simply just stating the fact that I didn't study due to my dumb self mixing up the test date (I also mentioned that I signed up for the exam to taste what it's really like) but I guess I do see your point on how it could come off as being "smug". But... I mean there were posts I've read in this forum about people who passed the PE exam without studying so I didn't think people would see my post as "bragging". I was simply implying that I feel like there's a chance that I might've passed it. I get it, everyone has different discipline, different educational background, and may not work on engineering projects directly on a daily basis. But don't forget to recall what the purpose of PE exam is (or what it's supposed to be). It's not to learn new materials but to test engineers on their understanding and aptitude... (of certain discipline). Not all exams are the same and not all discipline are the same so don't take it personally, I wasn't putting anyone down. So I'm also not sure on what kind of reaction you're expecting from telling me your personal theory on intelligence to humility. Are you trying to solve my intelligence level by plugging my "humility" into your little bell curve theory? I think you, my friend, sounds like a pretty "smug" guy to me.
  9. I disagree. SUV on the left could be white!
  10. are you upgrading to the new GT500 if you get your PE?
  11. oh I would love to come back and comment on this thread letting you know that I passed without studying. but that's just a wishful thinking for now.
  12. I was told someone who works at NCEES but they won't confirm.
  13. that means I probably will start studying two nights before the next exam and pass. Thanks!
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